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The CV

Residency Application Process

Creating your curriculum vitae

A CV differs from a resume in that it includes more academia prevalent information. A CV should include important details about a student’s academic, research, leadership and work experience from undergraduate and medical school. Although ERAS will ask students to create a CV in their online platform students should have a separate document they can provide to recommendation letter writers and to bring to interviews.

Writing Tips

  • List everything in reverse chronological order.
  • Use a well-organized and easily readable format.
  • Utilize action verbs in descriptions of work.
  • Be consistent with punctuation, grammar and correct spelling.
  • Distinguish publications which have been accepted or published from those that have been submitted for review.
  • Only include activities and honors/awards which are relevant or in the recent past.
  • Omit anything from high school unless particularly distinguished.
  • Do not include personal information such as religious or political beliefs.