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Residency Application Process

Before Interviews:

  • Establish your priorities for what you want in a residency training program. Research the programs as much as possible and know program specifics. Be knowledgeable about the specialty you are applying in and be prepared for inquiries.
  • Review your application, personal statement and CV before each interview. Prepare a list of questions you would like answered in order to best assess each program.
  • Plan to schedule most interviews between October and January. Attempt to schedule interviews around your rotation schedule to minimize time requested off. If possible, schedule interviews for the programs lower on your list first in order to become comfortable with the interview process.
  • Confirm all interview dates and times. Treat everyone you interact with at the program with respect. Plan for enough time to arrive to interviews early. If there are unforeseen circumstances (i.e. winter snowstorm) which prevent you from attending an interview make every possible effort to inform the program as soon as possible.

During Interviews:

  • Be on time. Remember to smile and maintain appropriate eye contact. Show enthusiasm for the program.
  • Be confident in your abilities and past accomplishments. Use examples to back up your statements.
  • Maintain active listening skills. Present yourself as a team player and potential asset to the program.
  • If an interviewer asks illegal or coercive questions (i.e. plans to marry, have children, religious preferences) it is okay to give non-definitive answers. For example, “That is not something I have considered at this point.” Visit the NRMP website for more information on illegal questions.

After Interviews:

  • Write down your impressions of the program and names of interviewers and residents you met, along with contact information.
  • Prepare thank you notes or emails.