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Professionalism Code


Ohio  University HCOM Code of Professional Standards

Ohio University Heritage College of Osteopathic Medicine 

Code of Professional Standards

Preamble: Professionalism is the set of values that govern the members of a profession. It is the obligation of all members of the profession to uphold the stated values. In medicine, medical education, and the research, scholarly activity, and community engagement associated with medicine and medical education, the values governing professional conduct include:

Respect: Honoring the rights, values, perspectives, choices, privacy, and time of others.

Honesty: Telling the truth and not presenting the work, research, or ideas of others as your own.

Integrity: Admitting mistakes, exhibiting remorse after wrongdoing; fulfilling the obligations of one’s private and professional life.

Compassion: Treating each individual with empathy.

Inclusivity: Valuing all forms of diversity and listening to all voices.

Service: Contributing to the work of local, national, and international professional organizations; working to improve the health of individuals and communities on the local, national, and international levels

Excellence: Striving to exceed expectations; committing to life-long learning in order to provide the highest quality care and performance in educational, research, and clinical settings.

Duty/Dependability: Fulfilling professional obligations; demonstrating punctuality and thorough preparation; satisfying commitments in a timely fashion.

Accountability: Taking responsibility for one’s decisions and actions.

Altruism: Exhibiting an unselfish regard for, and devotion to, the welfare of others.

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Professional Development Form (For faculty or staff to submit student Professionalism Code violations)

Student Professional Development Form (Student-use only to report professionalism issues with Heritage College students)

Professionalism Code Violation Process

For more information, please contact the Associate Dean, Admissions & Student Affairs.