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Learning Services

Assistant Directors of Learning Services

Kathy Pittman, Ph.D.

Office: Heritage Hall 283M

Phone: (740) 593-0585


Amy Shaw, M.A.

Office: Heritage Hall 283N

Phone: (740) 593-2163


Erin Bowald, M.S.

Office: Heritage Hall 283N

Phone: (740) 593-2157


Andrea Brunson, M.A.; NBC-HWC

Office: MEB1-120

Phone: (614) 793-5572


Ronnette Johnson, M.Ed.

Office: SPS 154

Phone: (216) 295-7920


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Academic Support

Learning Services

The Learning Services team offers individualized support to all students throughout their medical education. Our team consists of educators with expertise in teaching, curriculum and instruction, adult learning theory, higher education, educational theory, cognitive science, and student advising. As lifelong learners, we work diligently to remain informed about best practices in medical education.

Students are encouraged to schedule early and often. We are available to:

  • Assist students in developing effective strategies for time management and approaches to study
  • Discuss options for reading and note-taking for the pace and volume of medical school
  • Help students identify supplemental resources that support individual learning style
  • Help evaluate student-created study schedules

Testing Assistance

We are available to:

  • Provide specialized guidance and planning for students preparing for all levels of COMLEX
  • Support students with planning for rotations and COMAT study
  • Offer support, encouragement, and logical planning through academic difficulties
  • Connect students with appropriate support such as faculty, Academic Peer Support Leaders (APSL), Osteopathic Primary Care Associates (OPCA), Learning Communities, Student Accessibility Services, Counseling and Psychological Services, Office of Inclusion, MSAP, and additional service options  

These services, including tutoring, are provided at no additional cost.

Academic Peer Support Leaders

Academic Peer Support Leaders are advanced osteopathic medical students, who at the end of the Acute semester, must have an 80% content exam average for Wellness, and an 80% content exam average for Acute. Additionally, you may only underperform on one exam in each of those semesters. Other factors such as professionalism issues and experience in tutoring/teaching are also considered in the application process. Academic Peer Support Leaders provide mentoring and focused academic support to students. Academic Peer Support Leaders are available on each campus to support with study strategies, coursework, and concept clarification. For additional information and to book a meeting with an APSL, use the campus-specific links below.

Schedule a meeting with an Athens APSL         

The Athens Team

Schedule a meeting with a Cleveland APSL        

The Cleveland Team

Schedule a meeting with a Dublin APSL             

The Dublin Team

Learning Communities

Learning Communities are offered on each campus to support first-year students with content understanding and review. Learning Communities meet every Thursday in the evening, depending upon individual campus schedules and student needs. Our APSLs run Learning Community sessions on their respective campuses, focusing on high-yield information contained in the objectives of the weekly session guides.

Learning Communities are a safe place for students to ask questions, review content, and apply their knowledge thus far of session guide objectives and concepts. Students do not need to be fully prepared with the session guides to attend. Session Leaders create rich content that is designed to be engaging and enjoyable. Each campus follows the same format every Thursday for Learning Communities. Learning Communities are popular among students and are held on Microsoft Teams, enabling students to engage with resources and conversation in the chat with second-year students. We ask that students adhere to the guidelines for each session, are respectful of Session Leaders, and support one another in the learning process.

Osteopathic Medical Education Associates

Osteopathic Medical Education Associates (MEAs) are medical students who have completed rotations and have chosen to spend an additional year on their medical education through teaching, mentoring, and tutoring first and second-year medical students. MEAs work closely with the Assistant Directors of Learning Services on each campus when helping second-year students prepare for board exams and when helping first-year students who may need further individual tutoring. For additional information, and to book an appointment with an OPCA on your campus, use the link below.

Board Preparation

The National Board of Osteopathic Medical Examiners (NBOME) states that doing well in the first two years of medical school and being familiar with the Master Blueprint are keys to success on board exams. COMLEX-USA  is the osteopathic exam series. Learning Specialists work with students on all levels of COMLEX preparation and additionally work with third and fourth-year students during rotations to prepare for COMATs.

Students are encouraged to schedule time with their campus Learning Specialist to discuss individualized strategies for incorporating board prep into their daily schedule, to review appropriate resources that work for their learning styles, and to walk through the COMLEX timeline during year two. Learning Specialists have attended NBOME trainings and continue to stay updated on all things board related. It is highly advised that students meet with the Residency Team first when deciding if taking USMLE (the allopathic exam) is needed. For more information on board resources, see the links below and schedule a meeting with your campus Learning Specialist. 

Exam Resources

Exam Preparation Resources

Student Information and Resources