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Goals and Action Plan

Overarching goals, objectives and key performance indicators with targets have been created to ensure the college is meeting its strategic plan. These are regularly reviewed with the objective champions and reported to the Heritage College.

Strategy Management Processes and Procedures  

Key performance indicators and targets are regularly reviewed to show progress on how the Heritage College is meeting its strategic objectives.  Performance management is reported on a regular basis throughout the academic year and is designed to provide visibility of progress toward targeted outcomes to college leadership, students, faculty and staff.  An internal scorecard, with detailed performance reporting, is published to OneDrive, HCOM-All Employees, Strategy Management, Internal Scorecard folder for review by students, faculty and staff.   

All students, faculty and staff are invited to provide comments and/or feedback on the strategic priorities (listed below).

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Strategic Priority: Optimized Student Experience  

Our college and our communities succeed when our students succeed. We want our students to graduate with a strong connection to the college, less debt and the means to maintain their health and wellness. We create Heritage College experiences that value students’ strengths, build resilience, support lifelong learning and develop students as health care team members and leaders for Ohio and our nation.

Strategic Priority: Transformative Education

Innovative educational experiences transform our students. Our graduates reach their individual potential and are prepared to excel in any care environment because of the powerful education we provide. Our investment in training the next generation of physician leaders addresses anticipated physician shortages and health care needs in chronically underserved communities.

Strategic Priority: Collaborative Research and Scholarly Activity

Discovery drives medical advances. Our research is stronger when we work together on diverse teams within our college, alongside our communities and with our partners. Excellence in our research programs ultimately leads to improved health and quality of life for vulnerable populations in our state and throughout the nation and the world.

Strategic Priority: Community Impact and Enrichment

Community care comes first. Our partnerships, community outreach, educational programs and the efforts of our graduates improve the health and well-being of citizens in Ohio and in communities across the nation, especially where care is needed most.

Strategic Priority: All Campus Success for Workplace and Operational Excellence

A best place to work and learn. This is our touchstone as we cultivate an engaging and supportive work climate and ensure that our operations are aligned, integrated and efficient. We strive to position ourselves to offer the finest education at a competitive cost and to recruit and retain diverse and talented students, faculty and staff.