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Payment Card FAQs

Answers to frequently asked questions about using a Payment Card can be found below. Clicking on the question's text will display the corresponding answer. If you have a question that is not answered below, please contact Finance Customer Care at

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Can an employee have a payment card and also be the custodian of a department card?

Yes, an employee can have both a purchasing or travel card, and be the custodian for one or more department cards.

Does one card type expire more quickly than the other?

All cards expire five years following issuance.  

Will Finance be reaching out to departments to determine backup custodians and security plans for the department card?

Departments will provide the card custodian on the card application.  The CFAO's will handle the logistics of backups and card storage for their respective departments.

The Ohio University Payment Card course is locked up and wont let me move on to the assessment. How do I move on?

Be sure to go back into the course and do all the interactive features (ex. on the card type lesson, flip each of the cards; on the proper usage lesson, expand all the "+" signs). Another thing you should try is going to the last slide and scrolling all the way to the bottom to activate Next Steps on the left hand navigation. If you use the left hand navigation to navigate through the course instead of using the green button at the bottom of each lesson, this will cause you to not be able to open the assessment.

What is the billing address associated with the card?

The billing address for all Payment cards is: 1 Ohio University Dr. Athens, OH 45701.

What is Pyramiding?

Making one purchase but separating the charges into two or more purchases/transactions just to stay within the limits of the pcard. For example, if your single transaction limit is $1,500 and you attempt to purchase something for $1,800 your card will decline. If you ask the vendor to “split” the purchase into two $900 transactions, this is considered pyramiding and is a policy violation.

How long do I have to substantiate my charges in Concur?

Cardholders have 28 calendar days to substantiate their charges from the day that it posts in Concur.

I am an approver and found a violation on a cardholders report. What should I do?