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Financial System Enhancements: Training schedule and readiness

August 4, 2017

The Financial System Enhancements (FSE) project represents a combination of initiatives that will be available in November 2017 and includes the Chart of Accounts Redesign (COA), a new Financial Approvers tool and the new Oracle Grants Accounting Module, and supported by enhanced reporting capabilities within Oracle Business Intelligence (OBI).

Planning units validate General Ledger mapping and Internal Awards

Planning unit mappers met with the project Team throughout June and July to review the converted General Ledger data and make recommendations for the August conversion as well as to discuss Internal Award set up (research incentives, start-up funds, professional development grants, etc.) within each Planning Unit. During these sessions, Planning Unit representatives were given access to the test OBI system to view prototype versions of the upcoming General Ledger dashboards with converted Chart of Accounts data in preparation for the November launch. Units will be able to provide feedback and make mapping changes through September. A conversion schedule [PDF] and submission deadlines for changes is available on the COA website.

FSE Training Schedule

Since January 2017, the project team has been working to develop a detailed training schedule to meet the complex training needs of each Planning Unit. As we get closer to go-live, registration links and locations of training sessions will be shared with impacted individuals. Planning Unit CFAOs and the FSE Change Network will help make sure the right individuals get the right training and that new account numbers are distributed as needed. Training will also be delivered on a recurring basis after go-live. A detailed FSE training curriculum [PDF] is available on the COA website.

Readiness & Preparation for Campus

Throughout the month of August, the project team will meet with each Planning Unit to finalize the User Impact Analysis, determine how best to distribute training registration and invitation, and finalize a strategy to prepare each unit for go-live.

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