Ohio University

Concur Default Cost Centers

On September 18th, a new OBI dashboard was deployed to provide planning units with access to the Concur default cost center information that they’ve established for their employees.  Concur is a third party software product, and every night we feed HR updates from eBiz to Concur via an integration.  If there is an error in the employee’s data being transmitted, Concur will not update anything about the employee.

When you first select the dashboard tab, it automatically displays the errors only view.  You can use the other prompts on the dashboard to display only: HR Planning Unit, HR Organization, employee name/#, or Cost Center GL or Grant segments.  The dashboard provides three options for the type of data displayed:

  • Errors Only Report – only displays problems that must be corrected before any of the employee’s HR data will update to Concur.
  • Missing Cost Centers – shows employees that do not have a Concur default cost center established.  These employees do update in Concur, but EE needs to enter their cost center for each transaction processed (it will not autofill from the default cost center which can help in coding the account correctly and save keystrokes).
  • All detail – shows all employees along with their default cost center (either GL or Grants), as well as any errors or missing cost centers.

The most common errors relate to either INVALID GL ACCT or INVALID PTA.  Additionally, there can be errors for APPROVER (Supervisor) NOT IN CONCUR, or EMPLOYEE ORG NOT VALID (HR organization isn’t active).  To learn more about the error messages, please refer to the OBI - Concur Defaults quick reference guide (QRG).

Because the university uses Concur for both expense reporting and travel, it is imperative that our employees’ information is interfaced accurately from HR to Concur.  For example, if an employee changes their name in HR, we need that change to flow to Concur in timely manner or their travel arrangements would reflect the wrong name.  If other info about the employee is in error, the employee will not be updated in Concur until the errors are corrected. Failure for an employee to update accurately in Concur may cause issues for them when they try to book travel (i.e. airfare, lodging and rental cars)

If you need more information about updating default cost centers, please refer to the eBiz - Set up Concur Default Cost Center QRG.

If you need assistance or have questions, please contact Finance Customer Care at financecustomercare@ohio.edu or 740-597-6446.