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Changing Purchase Order (PO) Owners in BobcatBUY as Employees Depart the University

As departments are offboarding employees, please ensure that you are verifying whether the employee has open POs that need to be transferred to another employee in the department. When past employees are left as the owner on POs it will cause errors in the approval workflow of invoices when they meet the criteria for departmental approval. In the past, this has caused invoices to get stuck in the workflow, and only be found when suppliers are asking about overdue invoices.

To find open POs for a specific employee you can use the PO Summary Dashboard in OBI and filter on Closure Status ‘Open’ and Requestor should be the PO Owner name.


To request the change of owner on a PO, please submit a ticket to Finance Customer Care at financecustomercare@ohio.edu with a subject of “PO Owner Change for ‘Employee Name’”. In the body, or as an attachment, please specify the PO numbers that need to be updated and the employee’s name and email that will become the new PO owner.

Questions? Contact Finance Customer Care at financecustomercare@ohio.edu.