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CHANGE: Submitting Requisitions in BobcatBUY

In July 2021, our BobcatBUY provider introduced a new enhancement that performs real-time account validation by adding a feature called Validate with ERP and Place Order. The purpose of this new feature was to improve the user experience by validating accounts before the user submitted requisitions; this would allow you to correct the accounts before you submitted the order instead of the req being returned for corrections. Unfortunately, the amount of time it takes for this real-time validation to occur in BobcatBUY has been inconsistent and many users have reported long delays that have negatively impacted their productivity. As a result, we have decided to temporarily remove this feature. Beginning December 6, 2021, users will no longer see the Validate with ERP and Place Order button and will instead see the Submit Requisition button. Please note that if a requisition is submitted with an invalid account, the requisition will be returned to the submitter and will not be processed until any necessary corrections are made. We will continue to work with our technical teams to improve the performance of the real-time validation feature and will re-enable it in BobcatBUY once the system lag issues with this feature are resolved.