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New Chart of Accounts available

December 12, 2017

Ohio University has officially converted to a new Chart of Accounts effective Tuesday, December 12, 2017. The Chart of Accounts conversion will affect individuals across all Ohio University campuses and many systems have changed as a result.

The Finance website has been updated to include quick reference guides, FSE training materials, system links and updated forms. You may need to clear your browser cache to access the updated forms.

The following systems and tools were impacted:
The system names are hyperlinked to take you to the appropriate Quick Reference Guide.

  • Oracle eBusiness: All Oracle modules have been changed to reflect the new General Ledger and Grants chart of account structures.
  • BobcatBUY: remediated to accept the new chart of accounts segments. Revised workflows were implemented and approval levels were established by planning unit CFAOs.
  • Concur: remediated to accept the new chart of account segments and revised workflows were implemented. Expense reports will no longer be approved by HR Supervisor, but by the selected Financial Approvers determine by planning unit CFAO.
  • OBI Dashboard Reporting/Funds Available: modified reporting that replaces several custom applications and FMS Reporting.
    • The Finance Lookups dashboard has several dashboard pages as detailed below and is available to all OHIO faculty and staff. Review Login and Navigate to Dashboards Video for assistance.
      • GL Funds Available and Grants Funds Available: replaces the Funds Available View custom application. Available in the Finance Lookups dashboard in OBI. Funds Available View custom application will be retired on Friday, December 15
      • Segment Lookup: replaces the Segment Value List Excel.
      • PO Summary View and Payments Dashboard: replaces the PO Summary View custom application. This custom application is now retired.
      • Cost Center Lookup: replaces the Cost Center Lookup custom application. This custom application is now retired.
      • Object Lookup: replaces the Natural Account Lookup custom application. This custom application is now retired.
      • Employee Lookup: replaces the EE lookup custom application. This custom application is now retired.
  • Online Graduate Appointments (OGA): remediated to accept the new chart of accounts segments.
  • Account Validation Tool: this is a new application that allows the user to validate a group of cost centers (via an Excel upload) or a single cost center via the screen. This replaces the previous Account Validation Excel published on the Finance website.
  • Mail Barcode: updated to accept the new chart of accounts segments.

BobcatBUY Specifics

A separate message will be sent to BobcatBUY users with more details about BobcatBUY changes.
To use BobcatBUY with the new chart:

  • Delete any Draft Carts created prior to the COA implementation
  • Delete any Assigned Carts not approved prior to COA implementation
  • Remove/Add new Custom Field and Accounting Code Defaults in your profile
  • You cannot submit draft carts unless you go back and edit the accounting information

Workforce Specifics

For pay period end date December 9, online time entry and approval will be available until 7:30 AM on Wednesday, December 13 using the old chart of accounts. The system will be down for normal processing on December 13, and kept locked for conversion until December 15. Once the WorkForce conversion is complete, the new chart of accounts will be required in WorkForce.

Absence Management & My Personal Information Specifics

Absence Management is now available. Employees and Supervisors should now process any absences that occurred during between November 30 and December 11, 2017.

My Personal Information is now available. Employees can now login to ensure address is accurate and that W2s are set up for electronic delivery. Payroll will send a follow up reminder for Tax Year End Reminders.

Campus Support

In an effort to be able to provide response times to our customers we’ve developed a support methodology.

  • If you have questions regarding new account numbers, contact your representatives (Planning Unit CFAO or FSE Change Network representative(s).
  • If you have questions about Finance systems or tools functionality, contact Finance Customer Care (FCC) at 740.597.6446. To ensure your calls are answered quickly, additional Finance staff have been assigned to support FCC. FCC will not be able to answer unit-specific accounting questions.
  • If you have questions about HR related systems or tools, contact Employee Service Center at 740.593.1636.
  • Several Drop-in sessions have been scheduled to ensure campus is supported through this change. Below are the dates of the sessions. Please bring your questions to work directly with Subject Matter Experts.
    • Wednesday, December 13 from 11:00 AM – 1:00 PM in WUSOC 302
    • Friday, December 15 from 1:00 PM – 3:00 PM in WUSOC 302
    • ICD Specific: Monday, December 18 from 9:00 AM – 11:00 AM in HRTC 141-145
    • Wednesday, December 20 from 9:00 AM – 12:00 PM in HRTC 141-145

As necessary, updates will be sent to campus via the FinanceNews distribution list, to assist users in working through the transition. If you would like to join the FinanceNews d-list, please follow the instruction for how to join or leave a group.