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Brown Enterprise Solutions to Replace Office Depot as Preferred Supplier

February 2, 2021

In early 2021, Brown Enterprise Solutions (BES) will replace Office Depot as the preferred supplier of office supplies at Ohio University.  The Inter-University Council of Ohio (IUC) voted to adopt BES as the preferred supplier in the fall and OHIO will take part in the contract, making this catalog available in early 2021.  When this new catalog is enabled, BES will be the only office supply provider in BobcatBUY all other catalogs will be closed/disabled.

Based in Ohio, BES is a minority-owned company that specializes in technology products and office supplies. Through this program, OHIO will have access to a centralized program, experience cost savings, and will help support diversity and our local community. The Brown agreement will provide the University an average overall savings of 14% with the core paper products yielding an average of 20% savings, and general office supplies yielding an average of 56% savings. 

BES has a strategic alliance with Staples, who will be supporting this program from a sourcing and distribution perspective. The two organizations have already engaged with us to identify our requirements to ensure a smooth transition for university customers.

Working with BES and Staples, OHIO has created a customized program with:

  • Easy ordering through BobcatBUY
  • Fast and free delivery on supplies

As we finalize the specifics of the catalog, we will provide additional information about how to engage with Brown.

By signing on to the contract through the IUC, the University will receive the benefit of larger discounts by being part of the IUC’s combined buying power.  Remember, when this catalog is enabled, you must purchase all office supplies through Brown.

Questions?  Contact Finance Customer Care at