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Reading Endorsement Online

Program Code: ND8922

The Reading Endorsement enhances your knowledge and instructional skill in reading and writing beyond the foundation required of beginning teachers. Courses are offered at the graduate level. This program is designed for licensed teachers who wish to add the Reading Endorsement to their current teaching license. This program cannot be used as part of the seniors to graduate students program. Benefits include the ability to learn anytime, anywhere - complete the entire program online; broaden your employability, and attend a program approved by the Ohio Board of Regents which meets the requirements of the Third Grade Reading Guarantee.

Program Admission Requirements

Prior Coursework

To be eligible to enter the Reading Endorsement, candidates must have taken the required 9-12 hours in the teaching of reading as outlined by the State of Ohio Licensure Requirements.

Application Deadlines

There are three options for completing the program:

Completion OptionApplication Deadline
Complete all courses in the summer (May - August)April 4
Begin courses in the summer and continue through the fall and spring (May - May)April 4
Begin courses in the fall and continue through the spring and summer (August - August)July 15*

Please note: Applications will not begin to be reviewed until January for Summer Term admission. You must submit a transcript and a valid teaching license when applying to the program in order to be recommended for full admission.  Students who are graduating and do not yet have a teaching license should indicate that licensure is in progress.

Required Coursework

The entire program is only 15 credit hours long (5 courses) and includes the following courses:

Reading Endorsement CoursesCredits
EDTE 5201 Theoretical Foundations of Reading Instruction3
* EDTE 5221 Diagnosis: Reading/Language3
* EDTE 5230 Reading/Language Laboratory3
* EDTE 5261 Secondary Reading Instruction3
+ EDTE 5270 Phonics and the Structure of Language3

* Field Work (35 field hours per course)
Candidates are expected to participate in supervised tutoring of children during three of the courses. They will work with a student from three different age groups: Early Childhood, Middle Childhood, and Adolescent to Young Adult. Candidates may work with a child from their classroom or from a different classroom within the school or district in which they are teaching. If the candidate is not currently teaching, they will need to be able to find a child to work with for each of the three courses requiring tutoring.

+ Transferring Phonics Credits
If the applicant has successfully completed a phonics course prior to enrolling in the endorsement program, they will not need to take another one, and will need to complete only the four remaining courses in the program. All courses are transferable, within five years, to the Online Master's of Reading Education program at Ohio University.

Tuition and Fees

Please check out the Bursar for the latest information.

Applying for Endorsement

Upon completion of all reading endorsement coursework, candidates have five (5) years to apply to have the endorsement added to their Ohio License. After five (5) years, all coursework expires and must be retaken. All applicants who want to add the reading endorsement to their existing Ohio license must also take OAEs 038 and 039.

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Chris Kennedy
Program Coordinator
Patton Hall 309

Stevens Literacy Center

The Reading Program partners closely with the Stevens Literacy Center.