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Undergraduate Degrees in Early Childhood and Elementary Education

Bachelor of Science in Education (BSEd)

Catalog Program Code: BS6228

The Early Childhood and Elementary Education (ECEE) program offers a BSEd in Early Childhood and Elementary Education leading to a teaching license for preschool (age 3) to grade 5.

Students who are interested in pursuing the BSEd in Early Childhood and Elementary Education may designate a pre-major in ECEE. Students are encouraged to work closely with a Patton College of Education advisor to declare the pre-major and to make sure prerequisites for entering the program are met. Upon meeting criteria for selective admission into the ECEE program, ECEE teacher candidates begin their professional sequence of courses on the Athens Campus.

The ECEE program partners closely with local schools and an on-campus laboratory school, the Child Development Center.

"I came to Ohio University because I didn't want to wait to become a teacher to start making a difference in the lives of children. Ohio University gave me the chance to impact children's lives right away!"

- Taylor Kedzie, BSEd '20

BSEd Admissions

The Early Childhood and Elementary Education (ECEE) program has a selective admission policy. Students interested in the program must meet the criteria for selective admission. Students must apply to enter into the ECEE program. Applications for selective admission will be accepted electronically before the end of each semester. The application link is below.

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Athens Candidates:

The application opens April 10, 2023. Apply before midnight on May 6, 2023.

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Regional Candidates:

See your campus page for additional information: Chillicothe, Eastern, Lancaster, Southern, Zanesville

Associate in Applied Science (AAS)

Catalog Program Code: AA1106

The Early Childhood and Elementary Education (ECEE) program offers an AAS in Child Development that does not lead to licensure.

Overseas Student Teaching

The Consortium for Overseas Student Teaching (COST) program offers teacher candidates the unique opportunity to live abroad for an entire semester while completing their professional internship. The program offers students professional and personal growth in ways that are increasingly important for living and teaching in the United States. For more information see the Office of Global Opportunities website.

ECEE Ohio Assessments for Educators (OAE) Requirements

Candidates must pass OAEs 018, 019, and 090 for licensure.

OAE 001 (Early Childhood PK-3) is also required. However, passing the edTPA exempts the 001 test. The new PK-5 test is still not available.

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