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Welcome to the Edward Stevens Center for the Study and Development of Literacy and Language (Stevens Literacy Center). The Stevens Literacy Center is engaged in community outreach in numerous, diverse relationships with local schools, businesses, and other community agencies. This work supports the missions of The Patton College of Education and Ohio University.

Established in 1997 by Dr. Edward W. Stevens, Jr., a distinguished professor of history and philosophy of education, the Stevens Literacy Center focuses on improving lives by researching, developing and promoting literacy across the lifespan.

The SLC supports the OHIO Career Ready Campus, which provides adult workforce and career development programs. The center houses the Helen M. Robinson Center for Reading, which provides community literacy and education programs, including summer reading camps and  after-school reading labs and clubs for children and families. These programs also serve as experiential learning opportunities for Patton College students.

The SLC collaborates with local and regional partners to provide additional support to their literacy and education outreach.

Another mission of the SLC is to conduct research and creative activities to provide current teaching practices, curriculum, and resources to professional educators, parents, and teacher candidates. The center also seeks and secures external funds to design and implement applied research projects that create solutions for issues of low-level literacy and language development.

The Stevens Literacy Center co-sponsors a biannual literacy conference held at Ohio University. In addition, Ohio University's College Bound program and other college-preparation resources are housed within the center.

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