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Bachelor's Degrees in Adolescent-to-Young Adult Education

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The Adolescent-to-Young Adult (AYA) program offers a Bachelor of Science in Education (BSEd) that leads to a teaching license in grades 7-12 in one subject area (language arts, mathematics, science, or social studies). The program design is grounded in national and state standards and emphasizes a commitment to equity, justice, and diversity.

Creative, Active, and Reflective Educators (CARE) Program

Candidates can complete the standard AYA program or can apply to participate in the CARE program. CARE is a unique partnership with the Federal Hocking School District and includes a focus on democratic education, specialized coursework, and additional classroom experiences that emphasize the whole child from K-12.

Overseas Student Teaching

The Consortium for Overseas Student Teaching (COST) program offers teacher candidates the unique opportunity to live abroad for an entire semester while completing their professional internship. The program offers students professional and personal growth in ways that are increasingly important for living and teaching in the United States. For more information see the Office of Global Opportunities website.

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Majors and Program Codes

Major Program Code
Integrated Language Arts BS6306
Integrated Mathematics BS6307
Integrated Social Studies BS6308
  Integrated Science BS6309
  Life Science BS6314
  Earth/Space Science BS6315
  Physical Science: Chemistry BS6397
  Physical Science: Physics BS6396
  Physical Science: Physics and Chemistry BS6395

Coursework and Field Experiences

The AYA program emphasizes a strong connection between coursework and field experiences in classrooms, as overviewed in the table below. The specific sequence depends on the major and when a candidate begins the program.

  Coursework Field Experiences
Year 1 Introductory courses  
Year 2 Educational foundations 28 hours
Year 3 General teaching methods 80-120 hours
Year 4 Fall Subject area-specific teaching methods 150 hours
Spring Seminar Full time