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Bachelor's Degrees in Special Education


The Special Education program offers undergraduate degrees leading to licensure in grades K-12 in the areas listed below. The program centers on the delivery of quality services and the promotion of equitable education for all students.

MajorProgram Code
Mild to Moderate (MM) Educational Needs
For teaching students with specific learning disabilities, mild cognitive disabilities, and/or emotional disturbance.
Moderate to Intensive (MI) Educational Needs
For teaching students with moderate-severe intellectual disabilities and/or multi-handicapping conditions.

Please note: This is an Athens Campus-based program. Students may complete requirements for the first three semesters of the program at a regional campus, but must transfer to the Athens Campus by spring semester of their sophomore year in order to complete the degree. 

Overseas Student Teaching

The Consortium for Overseas Student Teaching (COST) program offers teacher candidates the unique opportunity to live abroad for an entire semester while completing their professional internship. The program offers students professional and personal growth in ways that are increasingly important for living and teaching in the United States. For more information see the Office of Global Opportunities website.

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