Ohio University

Middle Childhood Partnership

The Patton College of Education's Middle Childhood Education program currently partners with two local school districts across two elementary and middle schools to provide PDS Teacher Candidate placements for students during their junior year. Cohort groups spend a year with a team of professors and middle childhood faculty studying an integrated curriculum and gaining intensive classroom experience. 


Athens City School District’s Mission: 

The Athens City School District collaborates with students, parents and the community to provide an enriched and rigorous learning environment where every student uses multiple pathways to grow, problem-solve, and reach their potential as a lifelong learner and productive citizen. 

East-West Elementary

What is unique about East-West Elementary? 

  • Currently housing K-5th grade students previously attending East Elementary and West Elementary 

  • A chance to interact with the community during extracurricular functions; volunteers from the community compile approximately 4500 volunteer hours per year 

  • Inclusive classroom setting with multi-cultural experience 

  • Fellowship position available for post graduate degree 

  • Utilizes the Responsive Classroom approach to establish classroom community as well as motivate students to be an active partner in their learning 

  • Known as an international school offering English as a Second Language for students representing 31 countries and speaking 17 languages 

  • Teachers utilize the Lucy Calkins Reading and Writing Units of Study, and Number Talks and cognitively guided instructional methods to encourage students to discuss their thinking and understanding of mathematics 

  • Teachers recognize the need to assess and identify students in need of early intervention in language and literacy skills, allowing children to receive individualized intervention at the beginning of their educational experiences. 


Opportunities for Candidates 

  • Observe experienced teachers and have opportunities to reflect, ask questions and make observations about what they notice 

  • Work with Orton-Gillingham phonics' program to assist at-risk students with reading difficulties 

  • Conduct and analyze a variety of reading assessments in order to gather data for use by classroom teachers 

  • Observe, and be mentored by, experienced teachers utilizing Responsive Classroom philosophies 

  • Experience assisting with and creating a variety of classroom activities/lessons at differing grade levels (4-5) 

  • Connect theory learned in OHIO methods classes to a clinical setting 

  • Plan and gain practice in teaching both small and whole group lessons that support integrated content area learning, and receive feedback on teaching 

  • Together with classroom teachers, candidates plan and implement intervention designed to help children achieve grade level expectations in reading and mathematics 

  • Work individually or with small groups on specific strategies and skills to support literacy development 

  • Use a variety of assessment instruments to gather data on student learning 


Contact Information 

Leslie Jones 
Teacher Liaison 

Dr. Jane Skon 
Faculty Coordinator 

Dr. Lisa Harrison 
Faculty Coordinator 



Logan-Hocking School District’s Mission: 

We will provide for the cognitive, social and emotional development of all students, enabling them to graduate and become productive, responsible citizens. 

Logan-Hocking Middle 

What is unique about Logan-Hocking Middle? 

  • Logan-Hocking Middle School is comprised of grades five through eight and is a true middle school  

  • It is one of the largest in the area, serving over 1200 students 

  • The majority of the school district is rural, and around 60% of the students qualify for free and reduced lunch 

  • Deemed Excellent by the Ohio Department of Education 


Opportunities for Candidates 

  • The partnership allows for OHIO teacher candidates to visit, observe and co-teach with the LHMS teachers and administrators 

  • Teacher candidates support LHMS student learning as they work with individual learners, small groups, and large groups 

  • Teacher candidates also participate and volunteer in a variety of extra-curricular activities including sports, clubs, choral music groups and band 

  • Teacher candidates support all learning by providing enrichment, evaluating student work and providing feedback, creating welcoming and engaging learning environments, working with small groups, teaching whole classes, and hosting study skills sessions 


Contact Information 

Jasmine Ball
Teacher Liaison

Dr. Danielle Dani
Faculty Coordinator