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Advanced Standing

In general, Teacher Candidates must be admitted to Advanced Standing before taking any education courses numbered 3000 or above. Typically, Teacher Candidates apply for Advanced Standing at the end of the second semester of the second year. The requirements for Advanced Standing are specific to the undergraduate degree, and this information can be found in the Ohio University Undergraduate Catalog for each degree. 

Please see below for information about specific requirements for students to complete upon receiving Advanced Standing, information about the OHIO Teach Cleveland internship program, and  links to the comprehensive guidebook and recommended OAE schedules.

Two Requirements for All Teacher Candidates upon Receiving Advanced Standing

  • First requirement- All Teacher Candidates MUST complete a Professional Internship in Teaching Application upon receiving Advanced Standing. This application will initiate your data for our database. Without an application on file, you will not receive information pertinent to this capstone experience. This application needs to be submitted by October 1st, one year prior to the year of your professional internship.
  • Second requirement- Please remember that all BCI/FBI background checks are valid for one year, so Teacher Candidates are responsible for securing updated reports prior to the expiration date of their previous background check to be able to continue in their clinical experiences. For those students on the Athens campus, these can be obtained at Bobcat Depot, located on the 1st floor of Baker Center. Teacher Candidates will be notified of receipt of the reports and sent a scanned copy via email, and then instructed to pick up their paper copies to keep for their own records. Any Teacher Candidate who does not have a current BCI/FBI report, or who has an expired report, will not be permitted to enter partnering schools to complete clinical experiences.
    • Both BCI/FBI reports for Athens campus undergraduates must be mailed directly from the fingerprinting agency to: 
      • Attn: Debra Fanning 
        The Patton College of Education Student Affairs 
        103 Patton Hall 103 
        Athens, OH 45701 
    • BCI/FBI reports for Regional campus undergraduates - please consult your campus advisor for reporting information.
    • Graduate students with clinical experiences that require BCI/FBI background checks, please have your report mailed directly from the fingerprinting agency to: 
      • Attn: Ramona Mott 
        The Patton College of Education Student Affairs 
        Patton Hall 103 
        Athens, OH 45701

Please note the code(s) you will need to use when requesting a BCI/FBI background check which are specific by program.

BCI & FBI Code 3319.291 are sent to ODE and copied to Patton Hall for:

  • Early Childhood and Elementary Education (BS6854)—Advanced Standing and Beyond
  • Family and Consumer Sciences- Teaching (BS6370)—Advanced Standing and beyond
  • Middle Childhood Education (BS6175, BS6176, BS6177, BS6178, BS6179, BS6180)—All background checks
  • Adolescent-to-Young Adult Education (BS6306, BS6307, BS6308, BS6309, BS6314, BS6315, BS6395, BS6396, BS6397)—All background checks
  • Special Education (BS6316, BS6317)—All background checks
  • Modern Languages (BS5024)—All background checks
  • Physical Education (ND8838, BS8106)—All background checks

OHIO Teach Cleveland

Any Teacher Candidate who is interested in participating in an internship experience in an urban educational setting may apply to the OHIO Teach Cleveland program. To apply for the OHIO Teach Cleveland program, students must:

  • Be in the third year of a teacher preparation program
  • Have a minimum 3.0 GPA
  • Submit an application essay 
    • Include a header with full name, PID, licensure area/major/content area(s).
    • Carefully read and address each question in the essay prompt below.
    • Review your completed essay for word count, spelling, and grammar mistakes.
    • Email the essay to Marcy Keifer Kennedy at
    • Essay (maximum 700 words):
      • Why do you want to be part of the OHIO Teach Cleveland Professional Internship? What prior experiences do you bring to the OHIO Teach Cleveland Professional Internship? What contributions could you make to student learning in the Cleveland Metropolitan School District (CMSD)? How might the OHIO Teach Cleveland Professional Internship help you achieve your future goals as an educator?
  • To apply for a Spring 2024 Professional Internship, please submit your application essay by October 16, 2023.
  • For Professional Internships in Fall 2024 or Spring 2025 semesters, please submit your application essay by December 1, 2024.

For more information about the OHIO Teach Cleveland program, please reach out to Marcy Keifer Kennedy.