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Teacher Candidacy


Generally, candidates apply for admission to Teacher Candidacy during the second semester of the first year. The requirements for Teacher Candidacy are specific to the undergraduate degree, and this information can be found in the Ohio University Undergraduate Catalog for each degree. 

Prior to beginning any clinical experience, Patton College teacher candidates must complete documentation to comply with the requirements of education sites and school districts. Teacher Candidates are responsible for keeping copies of all documentation. 

Please see below for information about specific requirements for students to complete upon receiving Teacher Candidacy, links to the comprehensive guidebook and recommended OAE schedules, and special clinical programming opportunities for OHIO students.

Four Requirements for All Teacher Candidates

  • All Teacher Candidates must secure Ohio BCI and FBI background check reports prior to starting any clinical experiences in any partnering schools. For those students on the Athens campus, these can be obtained at Bobcat Depot, located on the 1st floor of Baker Center. Teacher Candidates will be notified of receipt of the reports and sent a scanned copy via email, and then instructed to pick up their paper copies to keep for their own records. Any Teacher Candidate who does not have a current BCI/FBI report, or who has an expired report, will not be permitted to enter partnering schools to complete clinical experiences. BCI/FBI background checks are required to be updated yearly. 

    • Both BCI/FBI reports must be mailed directly from the fingerprinting agency to: 
      • Attn: Debra Fanning 
        The Patton College of Education Student Affairs 
        103 Patton Hall 103 
        Athens, OH 45701 

    • For graduate students with clinical experiences that require BCI/FBI background checks, please have your report mailed directly from the fingerprinting agency to: 

      • Attn: Ramona Mott 
        The Patton College of Education Student Affairs 
        Patton Hall 103 
        Athens, OH 45701

    • Please note the code(s) you will need to use when requesting a BCI/FBI background check which are specific by program:

Code 5104.013_2
Code 3319.291
Code 3319.291_2
  • All Teacher Candidates MUST secure a LiveText account. LiveText is an online assessment program that houses surveys, clinical experience data, task templates, and other information needed for program accreditation. If you have questions, please contact Wendy Adams at

  • All Teacher Candidates MUST complete a Professional Internship in Teaching Application upon receiving teacher candidacy. This application will initiate your data for our database. Without an application on file, you will not receive information pertinent to this capstone experience. 

  • All Teacher Candidates must obtain an official Ohio University Patton College photo ID nametag. Candidates are to wear the nametags every time they are at placement sites. Placement sites have the right to deny entry without proper identification. On the Athens campus, nametags with OU lanyards are available at the Bobcat Depot, 1st floor of Baker Center. 

Two Additional Requirements for Early Childhood & Elementary Education Teacher Candidates

  • Medical Statement Form: The Medical Statement Form is valid for one year. 

  • Diploma/Transcript: You will need a copy of your high school diploma or transcript with the date of graduation. 

Questions? Contact Kristin Mazzeo Barron, Interim Director of the Child Development Center, at


Special Clinical Programming Opportunities



Creative, Active, and Reflective Educators

CARE is a partnership for Middle Childhood, Adolescent-to-Young Adult, and Multi-Age majors, and begins in the fall of sophomore year. Students travel together as a cohort through the CARE course of study, working immediately and continuously in Partnership Schools. For more information, contact Dr. Bill Elasky


Rural Urban Collaborative


  Rural/Urban Collaborative

 The RUC seeks to integrate teacher preparation with schools, communities, and their leaders. It offers an exciting opportunity for all sophomores and juniors in the Department of Teacher Education to complete a field experience in an urban school setting.  For more information, contact Dr. Lisa Harrison.


Child Development Center(CDC)

 Child Development Center

 The CDC is the early childhood laboratory with The Gladys W. and David H. Patton College of Education. As one of the only centers in the area that serves children ages six weeks to five years, it serves as a model for best practices in Southeastern Ohio. For more information, contact Kristin Mazzeo Barron


Consortium for Overseas Student Teaching(COST)


Consortium for Overseas Student Teaching

Students have the opportunity to experience different perspectives and ways of being in the world; students can experience cultural immersion without needing prior fluency in a foreign language.  For more information, contact Dr. Frans Doppen.