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Pre-Law Courses at OHIO

By Larry Hayman

Pre-Law Advisor & Specialist in the Center for Law, Justice & Culture

There is no one major or set of classes necessary to enter law school. Successful law students and attorneys come from all academic disciplines and majors. Reflecting this, Ohio University has a long tradition of providing excellent law-related courses in a variety of disciplines to its students.

Students who are interested in attending law school should consider taking classes that will make them think analytically, will help develop their writing skills, and help hone their public speaking abilities.

The Making & Breaking the Law theme offers a wide range of courses focusing on law in relation to citizenship, global affairs, human rights, public health, and science and technology.

Students interested in an in-depth critical approach to law may wish to consider the Certificate in Law, Justice & Culture.

Students should consider taking the following courses as well:

  • PHIL 1200: Principles of Reasoning
  • PHIL 1300: Introduction to Ethics
  • THAR 1120: Fundamentals of Acting
  • COMS 1300: Fundamentals of Public Speaking
  • ACCT 1010: Foundations of Accounting

This list of law-related courses below is not exhaustive. Course prerequisites are not listed but may exist, and not all classes are available on a regular basis. This list is a guide to courses that will contribute to the intellectual growth of undergraduate students wanting to attend law school.


1010 Managerial Accounting

1020 Managerial Accounting

Art History

2110-2120 Survey of Western Art

African American Studies

1060 Introduction to African American Studies

1500 Introduction to Black Media

2250 History of the Black Worker

2540 History of Injustice in the U.S

3400 The Black Community Post WWII

3450 The Black Woman

3570 Black Music Seminar: Hiphop History, Culture & Politics

3640 Comparative Study of Injustice

4400 The Black Child

4820 The Black Family

Business Law

2000 Law and Society


2310 Human Aspirations

2520 Classical Athens

2530 Rome Under the Caesars

3120 Greek Tragedy

3130 Greek Sophists and Orators

3620 (CLAR) Roman Cities

Communication Studies

1030 Public Speaking

3610 Advanced Argument and Debate

3601 Courtroom Rhetoric

3602 Political Rhetoric

3603 Contemporary Rhetoric

4604 Responsibilities and Freedom of Speech


1030 Microeconomics

1040 Macroeconomics

2130 Contemporary Economic Problems

3030 Intermediate Microeconomics

3130 Economics of the Environment

3140 Natural Resources Economics

3150 Economics and the Law

3340 Antitrust Economics

3520 Economic History of the U.S


1200 Human Geography

3210 Population Geography

3250 Political Geography

3500 Land Use Planning

3530 Environmental Planning

3460 Environmental Law

3580 Environmental Risk Assessment


ENG 3290 - Rhetoric and Law Credit Hours: 3.0

ENG 3570 - Law and Literature Credit Hours: 3.0

Hearing and Speech Sciences

1070 Voice and Articulation


3060 U.S. Environmental History

3070 Famous Trials in American History

3090 American Constitutional History, Part 1

3095 American Constitutional History, Part 2

3100 A-C 20th Century America

3140 (3143, 3144, 3146) A-F Social and Cultural History of the U.S.

3330 Oil, Energy, and International Diplomacy

3903 English History to 1688


1330 Precision Language


1200 Exploring Musical Styles

1250 Introduction to Music History and Literature


1200 Principles of Reasoning

1300 Introduction to Ethics

2350 Business Ethics

2400 Social and Political Philosophy

3100 Ancient Philosophy

3200 Symbolic Logic I

3350 Environmental Ethics

4400 Contemporary Social Philosophy

4420 Philosophy of Law


1000 Introduction to Sociology

2010 Contemporary Social Problems

2600 Criminal Justice

3620 Criminology

3630 Juvenile Delinquency

3650 Mental Health and Illness

4190 Group Processes

4640 Law and Social Control

4710 Gender and Justice

Political Science

1010 American National Government

2300 Comparative Politics

2500 International Relations

2200 Politics of Law

4010 American Constitutional Law

4100 Public Policy Analysis

4150 American Presidency

4250 Environmental and Natural Resources Politics and Policy

4260 Politics of the Environmental Movement

4550 International Law

4880 Public Dispute Resolution


1010 Introduction to Psychology

1110 Elementary Statistical Reasoning

2720 Psychology of Personality

2710 Abnormal Psychology

3810 Environmental Psychology

3520 Social Psychology

3440 Psychology of Gender

Social Work

3243 Social Welfare Law


1130 Acting Fundamentals I

Women and Gender Studies