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Center for Law, Justice & Culture

Uniting faculty and students who share a common interest in law's constitutive and formative role in cultural, political, and social life.

What's Happening in the CLJC?

Holly Ningard, portrait

Students flock to social justice course to learn about social movements and activism

“The course is actually a microcosm of what’s happening in society. People want to understand what’s happening and why. And they want to figure out what their role might be,” says Dr. Holly Ningard.

Olayemi Olurin, portrait

Watch: Race, Violence and Justice: An Examination and Discussion of the Arbery and Rittenhouse Verdicts

Featured speakers are Vince Jungkunz, Ph.D., associate professor of Political Science, and Olayemi Olurin, Esq., staff attorney at the Legal Aid Society of New York City and Ohio University alumna.

Graffiti mural in Argentina calls for Palestine freedom

Loren Lybarger examines how remembering Argentina state terror drives demands for justice today

In 1976, military leaders came for Argentine President Isabel Perón, ending her presidency not two years after her husband Juan Perón died in office. Argentinians would suffer more than seven years of persecution, including the murder and/or "disappearance" of approximately 30,000 people deemed “subversive” by the military dictatorship.