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A&S Transient Study

Transient study is defined as earning credit hours at another institution after enrolling at Ohio University for the purpose of fulfilling specific Ohio University or College of Arts & Sciences requirements. (Transfer study refers to credits transferred from another institution prior to being admitted to Ohio University.) See "Transferring Credit" in the Admissions section.

A student who wishes to earn credit by transient study must complete 50 percent of his or her major at Ohio University to complete an Ohio University degree, as well as a minimum of 32 total hours at Ohio University. Any minor must include 50 percent of required coursework from Ohio University.

Before registering for courses at another institution to earn credit through transient study, a student must secure permission from the College of Arts & Sciences. A catalog and/or course description from that institution is needed to complete the Transient Study Permission Form. Submitting the permission form to the Arts & Sciences Office of Undergraduate Student Affairs ensures that the student will know beforehand about the transfer value at Ohio University of any courses that he or she intends to take elsewhere. Students are not permitted to transfer back course credit for classes that they have failed at Ohio University. Keep in mind that while credits are transferable, grades are not. A student's GPA will not be affected by credit hours transferred from another school, nor can he or she replace a grade earned at Ohio University with a grade from a transferred course.

See the major requirements section for information regarding Ohio University credits.

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