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A&S Transient Study

The term “transient study” applies to current OHIO students who take one or more courses at another institution to fulfill graduation requirements toward their Ohio University degree. (In contrast, the term “transfer study” refers to students who complete coursework at a different institution prior to admission to OHIO. Read more about transfer admission to the College of Arts & Sciences at Transfer Your Credits on the Admissions website.)

About Transient Study

  • Students must complete at least 50 percent of the credits for their major at OHIO, as well as a minimum of 30 total hours at OHIO. A student must also earn at least 50 percent of the credits for any minor or certificate at OHIO.
  • Credits are transferable, but grades are not. A student’s GPA is not affected by credit hours transferred from a different institution.
  • Students may not replace a grade earned at OHIO with a grade from a transferred course; this includes grades of F.

Before registering for courses at another institution to earn credit through transient study, a student must secure approval from the College of Arts & Sciences. This ensures that the student will know beforehand about the transfer value at OHIO of any courses they intend to take elsewhere.

Transient Study Guide

This guide is for current OHIO students who are looking to take one or more courses at a different institution and transfer the course credits to OHIO.

1. Select Your Courses

As you search for appropriate courses at the partner institution, you can use Transferology, a free online tool for students. This database shows how courses will transfer between institutions in the United States.

Here are some tips on how to use Transferology effectively:

  • You can use Transferology in reverse to search for equivalent courses at the partner institution. Here’s an example: You need credit for MATH 1200 at OHIO, but would like to take the equivalent course at Columbus State. Simply enter MATH 1200 at OHIO in Transferology, and then search for equivalent courses to find its equivalent at Columbus State.
  • Some courses will be listed in Transferology as transferring to OHIO as XXL credit (e.g., MATH 1XXL, ENG 2XXL, etc.), which indicates elective credit. This typically means that a directly equivalent course is not offered at OHIO, although the course may be re-evaluated by submitting more detailed information, such as a syllabus.
  • For other courses, Transferology may list no transfer equivalency between OHIO and the partner institution at all. This typically means that no transfer equivalency has been established in the past, and the course must be equated manually.

If one or more courses you plan to take have no listed OHIO equivalent, you can request pre-approval of these courses by completing:

Course Approval & TranSfer Credit form 

After you submit the form, a staff member in the College of Arts & Sciences will reply to you within 10 business days to explain how the courses will transfer to OHIO.

2. Apply for Re-Enrollment at OHIO

If you have not been enrolled at Ohio University for at least one semester (excluding the summer semester), you will need to submit an online Re-Enrollment Form before you can enroll in courses for a new semester at OHIO. You can read more about the re-enrollment process on the University Registrar website. 

You will not need to submit the Re-Enrollment Form if you completed transient courses at another institution during the summer semester or while you were still enrolled at Ohio University during the fall or spring semester. 

3. Submit Your Transcript to OHIO

After you have completed your coursework at the partner institution, you will need to have that institution submit an official course transcript to Ohio University. Transcripts should be sent to Undergraduate Admissions at the following address:

Undergraduate Admissions
Chubb Hall 120
1 Ohio University Drive
Athens, OH 45701-2979

4. Review Your Transfer Report

After your transfer credits have been processed, you can review your Transfer Credit Evaluation Report in the MyOHIO Student Center. This report shows how each course has transferred to OHIO. You can read more about the Transfer Credit Evaluation Report on the Office of Undergraduate Admissions site.

If you would like to request re-evaluation of one or more courses, you may do so by completing this online form:

Course Approval & TranSfer Credit form 

You will need to attach a full course syllabus to the form. The syllabus will be forwarded to the appropriate academic department for further review, and a staff member in the College of Arts & Sciences will contact you directly with the result of your request for re-evaluation.


All questions regarding the transfer process can be directed to the Transfer Specialist in the College of Arts & Sciences, Diana Marvel.