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A&S Transient Study

The term “transient study” applies to current OHIO students who take one or more courses at another institution to fulfill graduation requirements toward their Ohio University degree. (In contrast, the term “transfer study” refers to students who complete coursework at a different institution prior to admission to OHIO. Read more about transfer admission to the College of Arts & Sciences at Transfer Your Credits on the Admissions website.)

About Transient Study

  • Students must complete at least 50 percent of the credits for their major at OHIO, as well as a minimum of 30 total hours at OHIO. A student must also earn at least 50 percent of the credits for any minor or certificate at OHIO.
  • Credits are transferable, but grades are not. A student’s GPA is not affected by credit hours transferred from a different institution.
  • Students may not replace a grade earned at OHIO with a grade from a transferred course; this includes grades of F.

Before registering for courses at another institution to earn credit through transient study, a student must secure approval from the Transfer Credit Evaluation team. This ensures that the student will know beforehand about the transfer value at OHIO of any courses they intend to take elsewhere.

Transfer Credit Evaluation Services

For instructions on how to request credit re-evaluation or transient course pre-approval visit the Transfer Credit Evaluation Services website.

All questions regarding the transfer process can be directed to the Transfer Credit Evaluation team,