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Transfer Your Credits

How Will Your Credits Transfer?

Ohio University recognizes several kinds of transferable credits, including those from other institutions and exam credit.

In general, college level courses taken at a Council for Higher Education (CHEA) recognized regionally accredited institution will transfer to Ohio University with a grade of "D-" or better. 

policy about transferring college-level credit in the Undergraduate Catalog

Frequently Asked Questions

Many course equivalencies for public and private institutions nationwide are available via Transferology, a free online tool for students.


Types of Transfer Credit

Credit from Another Institution

Ohio University nurtures partnerships with community colleges throughout the region and country. You can build on your previous coursework and associate degree by taking courses from Ohio University and your community college to complete your bachelor's degree at OHIO.

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Current students interested in taking coursework at another college or university and transferring the credit back to Ohio University should consult with their college's student services office. Courses taken at Ohio University and retaken at another university are not eligible for grade point adjustment under the course retake policy.

Credit by Examination

Ohio University recognizes certain credits by exam, including AP, IB, CLEP, and select international tests.

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Career-Technical Credit (CT)2

Students who successfully complete specified high school technical programs may be eligible to have technical credit transfer to Ohio public colleges and universities.

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Credit for Armed Forces Courses

Courses taken while enlisted in the armed forces will in most cases earn you Ohio University credit.

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Prior Learning Assessment

In certain instances, you may be awarded transfer credit based on prior life experiences.

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Three-Year Degree Pathways

If you have completed 30 semester hours or more of college-level work prior to enrolling at OHIO, you may consider earning a baccalaureate degree in three years through the three-year degree pathways.

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Understanding Your Transfer Evaluation Report

The reference guides below give you details about how to read your transfer evaluation report in order to understand which courses transferred and how.

Online transfer evaluation reference guide

Reverse Transfer

Ohio University is an active partner in reverse transfer initiatives, whereby a student who earned credits that satisfied residency requirements at a community college, did not earn their associate degree, and subsequently transferred to a four-year institution, can be awarded an associate degree. To discuss opportunities at OHIO, contact or 740.593.4199.

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