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Transfer Credit Evaluation Services

The Transfer Credit Evaluation team determines how your undergraduate coursework completed at other colleges and universities will transfer to Ohio University. Upon admission, each academic college will determine how accepted credits are applied towards degree requirements and may apply any necessary course waivers, substitutions, or exemptions.

Credit Re-Evaluation Request Form

If you are an admitted or currently enrolled OHIO undergraduate student and have received an official transfer credit evaluation and disagree with the determined course equivalency, you may request to have your transfer credit re-evaluated. A course syllabus and any other supporting documentation from the term you completed the course should be provided at the time of request. The information provided along with course details found in the institution’s academic catalog will be compared to learning outcomes and content of OHIO courses to determine whether a change should be made to the credit posted.

Learn more detailed information about the transfer credit appeal process.

Students should consult their Academic Advisor before submitting this form to discuss how the re-evaluation might impact their academic plan.

Credit Re-Evaluation Request Form

Please note that it can take 3-5 business days to receive a response to your re-evaluation request. If you would like courses from multiple institutions re-evaluated, you must fill out the form for each institution.

Transient Course Pre-Approval Form

Currently enrolled OHIO students who wish to take one or more courses at another institution to fulfill graduation requirements toward their OHIO degree must complete the Transient Course Pre-Approval form prior to registering for courses at another institution. In some cases, it may be necessary to provide a current course syllabus from the institution to determine an equivalency.

  1. Meet with your Academic Advisor
    Meet with your Academic Advisor to discuss OHIO courses that would be appropriate to take as a transient student.
  2. Select Your Courses
  3. Submit Transient Course for Pre-Approval
    As you search for appropriate courses to complete at another institution, you can use Transferology, a free online tool for students that shows how courses may transfer between institutions.

    Transient Course Pre-Approval Form

    Please note that it can take 3-5 business days to receive a response to your Transient Course Pre-Approval request.
  4. Submit Your Transcript
    Upon completion of transient coursework, an official transcript must be sent to Undergraduate Admissions to receive credit. Transcripts may be sent electronically to or to the following address:

    Undergraduate Admissions
    Chubb Hall 120
    1 Ohio University Dr.
    Athens, OH 45701-2979

Transfer Credit Resources


Many course equivalencies for public and private institutions nationwide are available via Transferology, a free online tool for students. Use this tool to find out how your courses may transfer to OHIO or to search for courses to take at another institution to satisfy your OHIO degree requirements.

  • Some courses will be listed in Transferology as transferring to OHIO as XXL credit (e.g., MATH 1XXL, ENG 2XXL, etc.), which indicates elective credit. This typically means that a direct equivalent course is not offered at OHIO, although the course may be re-evaluated by submitting more detailed information, such as a syllabus.
  • For other courses, Transferology may list no transfer equivalency found between OHIO and the other institution. This typically means that no transfer equivalency has been established and the course must be reviewed. You can submit these courses to be unofficially evaluated by selecting “Request Information” in Transferology.
  • Watch How to use Transferology for more information.


Community College Partnerships

Ohio University nurtures partnerships with community colleges throughout the region and the country. You can build on your previous coursework and associate degree by taking courses from Ohio University and your community college to complete your bachelor's degree at OHIO.

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