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A&S Permission to Exceed 20 Hours

Web registration will not allow students to register for a course that causes the total hours to exceed 20 credit hours per semester. College of Arts & Sciences students must receive permission from the Office of Undergraduate Advising & Student Services (Gordy Hall Suite 155) to register for more than 20 hours in a semester. To exceed 20 credit hours, complete this form:

Request to Exceed 20 Credit Hours Per Semester

You will need to provide:

  • Name
  • PID
  • Major
  • Class name, course number, section number and credit hours you are adding
  • Reason for exceeding 20 credit hours
  • Number of credit hours currently enrolled
  • Permission to add the class if approved
  • Statement of agreement to pay the additional fees accrued for exceeding 20 credit hours

Students will be emailed with the Assistant Dean’s decision. The Office of Undergraduate Advising & Student Affairs will process approved permissions through the Office of the Registrar. NOTE: There is an additional cost for each credit hour over 20. Please contact the Office of the Bursar, 740.593.4130, with questions about fees.