Ohio University

A&S Permission to Exceed 20 Hours

Web registration will not allow students to register for a course that causes the total hours to exceed 20 credit hours per semester. College of Arts & Sciences students must receive permission from the Office of Undergraduate Student Services (first floor of Wilson Hall on the College Green) to register for more than 20 hours in a semester. To exceed 20 credit hours, complete this form:

Request to Exceed 20 Credit Hours Per Semester

You will need to provide:

  • Name
  • PID
  • Major
  • Class name, course number, section number and credit hours you are adding
  • Reason for exceeding 20 credit hours
  • Number of credit hours currently enrolled
  • Permission to add the class if approved
  • Statement of agreement to pay the additional fees accrued for exceeding 20 credit hours

Students will be emailed with the Assistant Dean’s decision. The Office of Undergraduate Student Affairs will process approved permissions through the Office of the Registrar. NOTE: There is an additional cost for each credit hour over 20. Please contact the Office of the Bursar, 740.593.4130, with questions about fees.