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Ohio: Sense of Place

Ohio: Sense of Place Theme

A Curricular Theme at Ohio University

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About This Theme

Where are you? What do you know about ancient Ohio—or its future? Can knowing where we came from shape where we’re going? Get a sense of Ohio in the classroom and in the field. Learn about ancient and modern plants and animals of Ohio, Neolithic to Industrial cultures and history, art, literature, and music, politics, language, and more through your professors and in person.

Understanding where we live is vital to being an educated, informed, and productive citizen. This understanding should go beyond a general knowledge of people and places, but should involve an in-depth awareness of the long term history of environments, ecosystems, history, cultures, and politics. 

Ohio: Sense of Place will cover all aspects of Ohio from the ancient past to the modern including geologic history, natural history, biology, geography, history, culture, language, art, and music. The goal of this theme is to help students understand how the region has changed through time as the result of a variety of external and internal influences. This knowledge of from where we have come is critical in understanding where we are going and vital to future politicians, scholars, scientists, and the public.  

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