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English Foreign Language Requirements

Master's Degree

There is no foreign language requirement for the students in the master's program, but students planning on pursuing a doctoral degree, who have not completed at least two years of undergraduate coursework in a foreign language, are strongly advised to acquire this background during their time at Ohio University through coursework in Modern Languages or Classics (using the graduate-level language sequence 5110, 5120, 5210, and 5220).

Doctoral Degree

All Ph.D. students must display proficient reading knowledge of one foreign language. In most cases, this reading proficiency will be displayed by successful completion of ML 5900, a course in which students will work on a translation project over the course of a semester. In order to register for the course, students will need to demonstrate sufficient language background by taking the language placement exam (this can be arranged in Gordy Hall 283) and placing into the course OR, if advised by the results of the exam, by completing necessary coursework in the language sequence (5110, 5120, 5210, and 5220). If not placed directly into ML 5900, students will need to complete 5220 in order to register for ML 5900. In rare cases, a student with an exceptional background in a language and exemplary performance on the placement exam might be deemed "reading proficient" and waived from the requirement to complete ML 5900.

For students working with Greek or Latin, reading proficiency can be demonstrated by taking language coursework (the 5010-5020 sequence) through the Classics & World Religions Department, culminating in a final translation exam or project evaluated by the instructor.

Additionally, the English Department periodically offers an Anglo-Saxon and Old English language sequence (ENG 5010-5020). Successful completion of this sequence of courses will also be considered a demonstration of reading proficiency of a foreign language.