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Alumni Talk about Careers in English

Aaron Schwarz, portrait
Aaron Schwarz

Lead Digital Platforms

Writing is in important in technology, says Aaron Schwarz '11, who manages big digital projects for American Airlines, such as the mobile web and the American Airlines mobile app.


Samantha Flores, portrait
Samantha Flores

Help Those in Need, Tell Their Stories

“These people wanted to articulate their stories, and I realized that there’s a lot of power in recording their narratives,” says Samantha Flores ’08, ’11. “Advocacy takes root in effective communication.”

Autumn Davis, portrait
Autumn Davis

Teach with a Passion

“I’ve had many jobs, but the one constant is writing. My English degree has taken me across so many different career paths. I’ve never felt confined by having an English degree from OHIO; it has given me freedom without any limitations!” says Autumn Davis ‘01.

Mike Cottrill, portrait
Mike Cottrill

Start a Company, Wield Your English 'Superpower'

“The number one thing I learned at OHIO is that we have a superpower that is marketable in today’s world: we can communicate and write efficiently. That is so rare in business, where very few people know how to convey their company’s message clearly,” says Mike Cottrill ‘04.

Clare Cottrill, portrait
Clare Cottrill

Learn the Language of Business, Be a Marketer

"You have a fantastic skill set," Clare Cottrill ’01 tells English majors. "You have the ability to take in information, make it logical and clear, and parlay people’s stories. Stories are used to sell.”