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FAQ for Online M.A. in Chemistry

This information is for students in the M.A. in Chemistry offered online.

Q: Am I required to be on the Ohio University campus at any time during the program?

A: No, this program is fully online.

Q: How many classes should I take each semester?

A: You can take any number of classes, as long as they are being offered. You can take just one class per semester if you wish to do so.

Q: Am I required to graduate in one or two years after starting the program?

A: No, there is no time limitation associated with this program.

Q: Can I register to online M.S. classes in chemistry if I am not interested in receiving a degree, and I just want to participate in a few classes?

A: Yes, you can take classes without aiming at receiving an M.S. degree.

Q: When can I graduate?

A: You can graduate once (1) you have earned 30 credits, (2) your GPA is 3.0 or higher, (3) you have passed five different 5000-level classes at a level of B or higher, and (4) you have taken 6 credits of CHEM 6950 and obtained a grade of B or higher in the class.

Q: Is B- a passing grade?

A: grades from A to D will give you the credits for the class. However, you must pass five 5000-level classes, as well as CHEM 6950, at a level of B or higher in order to graduate.

Q: Do I have to be a teacher to join the program?

A: Not at all. Anyone can join the program, as long as they hold a B.S. degree in chemistry (or a degree deemed equivalent by the graduate recruitment committee in the Chemistry & Biochemistry Department at Ohio University).

Q: Are the lectures available 24 hours a day to accommodate a full-time worker?

A: Yes, lectures are always available.

Q: Can I begin the program in any semester?

A: Yes, you can start the program in Fall, Spring or Summer.

Q: Can I begin the program in a different semester than the one I applied for?

A: Your admission to the graduate program is only valid for the semester/term in which you applied. In order to begin the program in a term different than the one you applied for, you will need to contact the Graduate College and submit a new application.

Q: How often are each of the required major courses offered?

A: At this time, classes are offered once year, with the exception of CHEM 6950 that is offered every semester.

Q: Are all of the CHEM courses offered in the 7-week format?

A: Yes, all classes follow the same format, except CHEM 6950 that is a 14-week, full semester course.

Q: How do I complete the 6 credit hours of CHEM 6950 needed for the degree?

A: The 6 credits must be taken in a single full semester, concurrently or after having passed CHEM 5200 (chemical literature) with a grade or B or higher. The Graduate Chair in the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry will send you specific information related to registration to CHEM 6950; please do not register to this course until you have received that information.