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Welcome to WellWorks

At Ohio University WellWorks, we work to create a unique wellbeing experience for all our members. In an effort to better support our members and their busy lives, WellWorks has expanded our wellness center to a virtual platform. After all, it's not our physical space that makes us awesome, it's our members! 

Anyone can create an account on our Member Portal. From there, check out all of our program offerings and, if you decide you like what you see, you can purchase a Virtual Membership! Virtual Memberships cost $10 per month (certain Ohio University affiliates such as employees will be granted a reduced rate of $7 per month. The discount for OHIO employees will be automatically applied after logging in by using your "OHIO SSO").

About WellWorks

At WellWorks, it's our mission to create supportive environments that encourage the pursuit of personal adventures. From Virtual Memberships to Employee Wellbeing, we're committed to the long-term wellbeing of all individuals. Learn more about our mission, vision and professional staff. 

What's Included in a Virtual Membership?

A WellWorks Virtual Membership includes more than just fitness classes! We target all areas of wellbeing in our offerings by ensuring we program toward: Movement, Fuel, Recovery and Stress Management. Virtual Membership offerings are constantly evolving and currently include access to:

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  • On Demand Fitness Videos
  • On Demand Wellbeing Coaching/Tutorials
  • Live Fitness Classes
  • Recipes from Registered Dietitians
  • Specialty Programming and Workshops
  • Member Challenges
  • A Supportive Online Community
  • Coming Soon: Wellness Coaching*
  • Coming Soon: Virtual Personal Training*

Plus, unlike traditional membership-based virtual programs, WellWorks is committed to populating the program with content based on feedback from our members. When you contact us, you'll be in touch with one of our friendly staff members, and not a call center. We genuinely want to provide you with an experience that can help you live all of life's adventures. 

*May include an additional fee.

About Virtual Fitness Classes

Virtual Memberships will include a hybrid of on-demand and live online fitness offerings from our talented staff of Group Fitness Instructors. Members can register for as many or as few classes as they wish and will then be emailed their own personal link for accessing each class. Classes will include, but are not limited to: 

  • Vinyasa Yoga
  • Pilates
  • Alignment, Balance, Core and Flexibility
  • Cardio Strength
  • Zumba®
  • Ab Lab
  • Functional Movement
  • Active Senior Classes

What are you waiting for?!

WellWorks Virtual Memberships are available to anyone! Memberships can be purchased online through our Member Portal, where all Virtual Membership resources are housed.

Members who had a Facility Membership that expired after March 15, 2020 will have their memberships reactivated (and transitioned to Virtual Memberships) on October 1, 2020 so they can access our virtual offerings. Learn more

Note: you must first create an account on the portal to be able to check out our full library of offerings...creating an account doesn't obligate you to make any purchases or buy a membership. But, once your account is created, purchases on the Member Portal are simple!

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Our Virtual Memberships are available to anyone (with some restrictions for minors)!  Memberships cost $7/month for current Ohio University employees and $10/month for non-employees. Memberships are available in various intervals: 1 Month, 4 Month and 6 Month. 

Ready to commit to your wellness adventure? Buy your membership online at our Member Portal and get immediate access to our library of resources! 

✅ = Included in monthly fee
✔️ = Available at an additional fee
❌ = Not available for this membership type



Register on or after August 16, 2020

OHIO Employee*

Must be an employee at time of registration

OHIO Alumni

With valid coupon code, released in August 2020.

email wellworks@ohio.edu to get your code!





On Demand Fitness

Live Fitness Classes

Active Senior Programming

RD Approved Recipes

Kitchen Hacks

Wellness Coaching Videos

Mindfulness and Resiliency Training

Online Support

Wellness Coaching Sessions




Training Plans



Specialty Programming



Personal Training




Risk Reduction Specialty Program


Peer Accountability through Microsoft Teams

*OHIO Employee is defined as any current Ohio University employee. Student employees, some hourly employees and contract employees are excluded from this discount. To determine if you qualify for the discount, please use your employee Single Sign On upon logging in at our Member Portal and navigate to Memberships. All employee discounts will be automatically calculated based on your classification.

**Risk Reduction programming is available to benefits-eligible employees. 

✅ = Included in monthly fee
✔️ = Available at an additional fee
❌ = Not available for this membership type

Information for Existing WellWorks Members with a Facility Membership: 

In March, 2020, our physical facility closed out of concern for the safety of our members and staff (due to COVID-19). At that time, all Facility Memberships were frozen. When memberships are unfrozen, all expiration dates will be extended the length of time the membership was frozen. In July, 2020, we made the decision to cancel any memberships that were on a 1-year direct debit. When we reopen our facility, those impacted by that decision will receive two weeks of membership and then may elect to renew their membership. Those with Evergreen Memberships (auto-renewals with no expiration date), will not have to renew their memberships upon re-opening of our facility. 


Membership Reactivation to Occur October 1:

WellWorks remains available to support and empower your wellbeing journey so we want you to know that our virtual content is as AWESOME as you are!  It's so awesome that, although we are not opening our physical facility just yet, we are offering our members a two week trial of our virtual content beginning September 15. After that two week trial, Facility Memberships will  be reactivated, giving you full access to our virtual content.


Here are the details: 

  1. All memberships* will be unfrozen on October 1, 2020. This will provide you full access to our virtual wellbeing content, including live classes, on demand videos, recipes, kitchen hacks, Wellness Coaching**, Virtual Personal Training** and more! 
  2. You’ll get a two week trial period from September 15-30, allowing you to check out the content prior to this reactivation.
  3. Want to remain frozen? You can opt out before October 1*** 

*To whom does this NOT apply? SilverSneakers®,  OhioHealth Wellness Program (OhioHealthy), Direct Debit Memberships (One Year AND Evergreen) memberships will be able to access the two week trial, but will not have their memberships reactivated on October 1, 2020 and can, instead, choose to purchase a Virtual Membership if they enjoy the content.  Here’s why…

  • SilverSneakers®: These memberships will not be reactivated at this time due to restrictions in place by your insurance carrier.  We encourage you to contact your insurance company to request they support this service. Or, purchase a Virtual Membership for $10/month to receive access to our offerings.
    OhioHealth Wellness Program (OhioHealthy): Accounts will not be reactivated. Your direct debits were cancelled when we closed the facility in March.
  • Direct Debit Memberships (One Year AND Evergreen): We cancelled the ONE-YEAR direct debit contracts and notified you by email - if the address you had on your account was valid.  We have FROZEN the EVERGREEN direct debits and you will be notified when we reopen our facility that your contracts will resume.

**Additional fees apply.



  • If you like our virtual offerings and want to continue, you do not need to take any action.  OR
  • ***To keep your Membership frozen, you will be able to fill out an online form to request that your account remain frozen until we reopen our physical facility. Request must be made by 11:59pm on 9/30/20. 


Physical facility reopening date:  We have not yet been given a date for the reopening of our physical facility. We must comply with institutional priorities regarding reopening campus facilities and reducing population density. When we do reopen, all members will be given at least two weeks’ notice so they can plan accordingly.

We’re excited to continue to interact with our amazing members on our virtual platform. As always, our team is here to connect with and support you should you have any questions.

Member Portal Video Tutorial for New and Existing Members and Employees: 



Contact us at wellworks@ohio.edu for assistance.