Ohio University

Modifications and Holiday Closures

Our Virtual Facility is OPEN 24/7!

Our Virtual Memberships are open 24 hours a day! Create an account on our WellWorks Portal, peruse our amazing library of resources, buy a Virtual Membership and get started on your wellness goals, no matter what time or day!

Support Hours:

Our friendly staff is able to support you with questions or comments Monday-Friday, 7:30am-4:30pm via email: wellworks@ohio.edu. Please note the following holidays, though, when our professional staff will not be available. We will do our best to have student employees on call to respond to issues that may need immediate attention, but please know that our response time will be limited and LIVE classes will not take place on the following dates: 

  • Wednesday, November 25 - Friday, November 27: Thanksgiving holiday
  • Monday, December 21 - Tuesday, January 5: Furlough and Winter closure
  • Monday, January 18: MLK Holiday

Grover Facility: 

WellWorks' physical facility in Grover Center on the Athens campus is currently closed due to safety concerns surrounding COVID-19. When our physical facility is open, we operate under the following guidelines.


Group Fitness class substitutes or cancellations and any Fitness Center closures will be announced on our Facebook page and Twitter pages. 

General Closing Guidelines

The Fitness Center doors will be closed and locked at closing time. We will allow a ten minute grace period for members to change clothes and exit the building. Everyone needs to be out of the building within ten minutes after the designated closing time.

Inclement Weather

When the City of Athens announces a Level 1-3 advisory, we will adhere to the following protocols:

  1. Level One: WellWorks will remain open.
  2. Level Two: WellWorks will remain open provided necessary staff can safely travel to Grover Center.*
  3. Level Three: WellWorks will close* due to inclement weather when there is a Level Three Travel Advisory for Athens County.

Please know that WellWorks will close to be in compliance with any Ohio University campus closings due to inclement weather or any emergency/safety precautions taken by the University.

We will keep our Facebook page as up-to-date as possible in these circumstances.

Summer Hours

Annually, WellWorks adjusts its Grover Center operating hours during the summer terms.