Kerri and Tim Yake

September 3, 2019

Meet Kerri Yake, City of Athens employee and resident of Athens and her husband Tim Yake, Purchasing Commodity Manager at Ohio University.  Kerri and Tim both joined WellWorks in Fall 2018 to help each other work on their individual and shared wellness goals. They are now both regulars of the facility and provide our staff with some fantastic comedic relief each day as they work together. Their stories inspired us and we’re sure you’ll feel the same way…


Kerri’s Story:

I became a member of WellWorks in September 2018 due to being overweight and extreme knee pain. I had not exercised in many years and worried that being in my mid 50’s, I lacked motivation and willpower. I was completely wrong, and with the help of the WellWork employees along with the Executive Director, Jenn Bennett, my husband and I now work out 3-4 times a week. When I began using the elliptical machine, I struggled with five minutes. Now, I work out for 45 minutes on the elliptical machine, increasing levels of intensity without stopping. We spend a little over an hour each time we work out. The encouragement we have received from the student workers and other members of WellWorks has helped me with this journey.

Our son was married in May of 2019. I definitely was not looking forward to dress shopping. I put it off until April. To my surprise and excitement, I had dropped several dress sizes. I have lost close to 20 pounds, but each little body change makes me ‘like’ looking in the mirror (even though I still have a way to go). I also had my blood work redone (original was in November of the previous year) and all #’s are optimal. After the wedding in May, we had the completion of the 100 day challenge to look forward to. We DID IT and received our shirts along with the next year free.

In September of 2018, I took ibuprofen at least 3 x a day along with my first set of cortisone shots for knee pain. That set of shots lasted for two weeks. I just received my 2nd set of cortisone shots and so far it has been 5 weeks and I haven’t taken the ibuprofen for extra relief like before. All of these things have made me hold my head a little higher and believe in myself. Can’t wait to see what this next year brings.

Tim’s Story:

When I started with my lovely wife, Kerri, at WellWorks in September, 2018, I was 243 pounds and was having trouble tying my shoes and would wake up from a sound sleep where I couldn't catch my breath. As of June 2019, I am down to 226 pounds and sleep like a log (because I am exhausted from working out :)). I fit much better in my clothes and am actually wearing pants that I had put away because I could no longer squeeze into them. I do feel less stressed and seem to handle MOST problems with a better state of mind. What I really enjoy most is working with my wife on a common goal of weight loss and supporting each other when we need a "push" to keep moving. I enjoy seeing her feel better about herself. I simply want to continue getting in better shape and getting down to 210 pounds in the next year, if possible.


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