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Staff Onboarding - New Employees

Onboarding Checklist

All Division staff are asked to utilize the New Hire Checklist to ensure all new staff receive a common divisional onboarding experience.

DOSA Staff Handbook

Employee’s First Day

  • Meet with direct supervisor for new employee welcome.
  • If New Employee Orientation does not occur within 72 hours of start date, employee should visit HR Service Center to complete I-9 and other new hire paperwork.
  • Employee should visit Parking Services to obtain a parking pass (if needed).
  • Employee should visit HR Service Center to obtain temporary parking pass. Standard parking pass will be issued during New Employee Orientation.
  • Go to Bobcat Depot with supervisor (located on the first floor of Baker Center) to obtain new faculty/staff ID and to address and technical or access issues.
  • With your supervisor, begin welcome introductions with other staff members. Learn about key university partners.
  • Review office space(s) including meeting rooms, kitchen, break room, etc. and protocols for each.
  • Enroll in multi factor authentication service.
  • Review protocols for:
  • Review protocols for requesting and getting office supplies with your supervisor.
  • Review dress code, employee handbook, or any applicable work rules. 
  • Obtain office keys, confirm swipe access works, and other applicable equipment (laptop, purchasing card, etc.) from your supervisor or departmental administrator. 
  • Review current and upcoming projects with your supervisor.

Employee’s First Month

  • Learn about the history of Ohio University, the Division of Student Affairs and your department with your supervisor and on your own.
  • Have your photo taken to be added to the departmental website (your supervisor will arrange this).
  • Review the organizational structure of the Division of Student Affairs [PDF] and reporting lines within your department.
  • Review emergency procedures and learn about all shelter in place locations, exit areas, and fire alarm gathering spaces. Discuss how to communicate during an emergency.  Learn of physical and digital location and information in the Business Continuity Plan.
  • Ensure that the required trainings (listed below) are completed.
  • Review closure procedures and expectations for calling off from work.
  • Complete Human Resources online performance management training courses prior to goal setting.
  • Engage in a goal-setting conversation with supervisor. 
  • Establish a performance management check-in schedule with supervisor and schedule via outlook calendar.
  • Complete a Professional Development Plan [PDF] with your supervisor.
  • Review the Bobcats Helping Bobcats initiative and become familiar with the resources available for students.

Employee’s First Two Months

  • Continue to have regular check-in conversations with supervisor to discuss progress on short-term goals, new ideas, and questions.
  • Give time to discussing department norms and ask the supervisor any questions.
  • Review all the possible involvement activities.
  • Complete initial and ongoing trainings. Talk with your supervisor if you are unsure what trainings you still need to complete based on training and professional development.

Employee’s First Semester

  • Confirm that all training requirements have been completed.

  • Discuss ongoing professional development needs and interests.

  • Conduct a mid-year discussion with your supervisor regarding your performance based on your work.

  • Build connections with staff outside of the department and division.

  • Find and complete at least one professional development course / program.

Employee’s First Year

  • Complete a self-evaluation of your work based on your performance management goals. Meet with your supervisor to discuss their evaluation of your performance based on your work and to set action steps for the next year. 
  • Give feedback to your supervisor about the onboarding, goal setting, and evaluation process.

DOSA Required Trainings

Please complete the tracking form to get credit for completing required trainings.

  • Finance training platforms
    • Please check with your supervisor to determine what (if any) finance trainings (Concur, BobcatBuy, etc...) may be required for your position.
  • Performance Management
  • Inclusive Excellence
    • The Division of Student Affairs ensures that a framework of inclusivity is embedded into its day-to-day work. To that end:
      • All new staff are expected to participate in an interactive onboarding session that will introduce participants to DOSA’s definition of social justice and to DOSA’s strategic plan for inclusivity. Staff members will review resources and self-assess their competences in terms of NASPA/ACPA competencies. Attendees will review introductory key concepts and theory on social justice and inclusion, examine the concepts of identity groups and privilege in our society, use an inclusion lens to engage in authentic dialogue about the current culture and climate on campus, and understand DOSA’s process for sustaining the conversations on organizational change. To be added to the next onboarding session – please email
      • It is the expectation that all Division staff participate in at least one in-service activity each semester.
  • We Care: Violence Prevention and Education
    • Bi-annual trainings are typically offered to all Division staff in August/January. If you would prefer to coordinate a departmental training or, explore other options, please contact the Office of Health Promotion at

  • We Care: Sexual Assault Support
  • Bobcats Who Care
    • Trainings will be coordinated throughout the year. Please contact to be added to a future BWC training.
  • We Care: Policy 03.004 Information & Staff Expectations

Helpful Websites

For questions or concerns, please contact your HR Liaison