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Graduate Assistantships: FAQ

Do I have to submit separate applications for graduate assistantships and the College Student Personnel program?

Yes, you will submit an academic application through the Graduate College for the College Student Personnel master’s program and then separate applications for each graduate assistantship you pursue. 

Do I have to submit letters of reference for graduate assistantship applications?

No, the employment application for graduate assistantships requests only a list of references. These can include supervisors, colleagues, advisors, coaches, and faculty. Typically, a reference lists the contact information for 3-5 individuals who can speak to your potential for success in a specific position. 

Do I have to get a graduate assistantship in order to be admitted to the College Student Personnel master’s program?

Yes, typically students are admitted when they are recommended for admission by the faculty and offered a graduate assistantship. 

Are these graduate assistantships open to any Ohio University student?

Yes, Ohio University students can apply to these positions, but they are all prioritized for students applying to the College Student Personnel master’s program. 

How can other graduate students outside of the College Student Personnel program find graduate assistantship opportunities?

All Ohio University employment opportunities are posted at Individuals are encouraged to contact their academic departments to seek information about additional research, teaching, or graduate positions available to incoming or current students. 

Changing Your Assistantship Mid-Program?

There are rare instances where graduate students desire a change in their assistantship during their time in the College Student Personnel program. This does not happen often and is not encouraged. However, if after careful consideration by the student a change is necessary, please follow the guidelines below to ensure a smooth transition process for all parties involved (e.g, supervisors, students, and faculty).

  1. Graduate students who are contemplating an assistantship transition are encouraged to speak with their current supervisor about their desire for a change as early as possible. The ideal timeline for an assistantship transition should occur in late fall for the upcoming academic year.
  2. If it is agreed that a switch would be best for all involved, it is then the graduate student's responsibility to identify a new assistantship.
  3. It is the graduate student's responsibility to communicate their intent to transition to a new position with their current supervisor and the CSP Program Coordinator as soon as possible.
  4. Unit supervisors who chose to hire a CSP student for a one-year term must provide the graduate student with an offer letter and communicate this change with the CSP Program Coordinator.