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Foundational Priorities

Students are the focus of all Division of Student Affairs priorities. This circular graphic shows that Care & Well-Being, Inclusive Excellence, People & Partnerships, and Engagement & Leadership all enrich the student experience.

Care & Well-Being

Our mission starts with "We Care." We prioritize the holistic well-being of our students, staff, and community, recognizing that all aspects are vital to fulfilling our vision for all Bobcats to discover their potential and make a meaningful impact. The well-being of our students and our employees will be embedded into our day-to-day operations, including our position descriptions, goals, and the assessment of our efforts. We will engage students and campus partners in the co-creation of proactive well-being initiatives that develop a shared responsibility for supporting a culture of care and well-being that allows our whole community to thrive.

Inclusive Excellence

When we feel we are in the place we are meant to be, and with people we are meant to be with, it feels good. The Division of Student Affairs is committed to ensuring frameworks of belongingness and inclusive excellence are embedded into our day-to-day work. 

We will develop robust and prominent initiatives that actively foster the principles of building community, celebrating cultures, and educating community members on a variety of topics. This initiative will improve strategic knowledge and skills that will contribute to a welcoming and inclusive environment and the dismantling of barriers.

Attend the Inclusive Excellence Conference on March 5, 2024

Engagement & Leadership

The Division of Student Affairs will develop and implement a plan to revitalize the Bobcat student experience. Developing a campus climate and culture of student leadership, engagement, and service will elevate the student experience and have a positive impact on student success, retention, and completion. 

Working in conjunction with students and campus partners, Student Affairs will ensure student-facing functions and spaces operate with a student-centric, student-first, process-second approach; students will experience a campus experience that will provide opportunities to develop their interests; they will choose experiences that align with their goals; and enhance their education in and out of the classroom.

Programming will be designed to provide experiences that are engaging, inclusive, and educational, with an intentional focus on retention and developing a lifelong commitment to Ohio University.

People & Partnerships

Our people are our greatest resource. Through strategic enhancements of all employee lifecycle elements, we will be the conduit to impact positive culture change. This change will focus on integrating employee engagement and morale in all lifecycle elements, fostering a growth mindset organizational development capacity, effectively managing performance, and create a mission-focused environment where trust, compassion, stability, hope, and a sense of belonging exists for all our staff.

Assessment will be embedded in all our priority areas; however, the oversight of how we assess our projects, ensuring we are creating, measuring, and improving upon common student learning outcomes across the division, will be housed in this priority area.

Fostering and facilitating campus and community partnerships will be a priority. Embedding opportunities to work together, learn from each other, and support the mission of the university will be a core component of our work.