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Graduate Assistantships Overview

The Division of Student Affairs offers a wide array of graduate assistantships, which are designed to supplement classroom learning with practical work experience in a student affairs environment. 

Graduate Assistantships for Students in the College Student Personnel Program

The partnership between the Division and The Gladys W. and David H. Patton College of Education grants first consideration for graduate assistantships to those students applying for admission to the College Student Personnel program. Stipends for graduate assistants enrolled in the College Student Personnel program are allocated through the hosting department, while the tuition waiver is issued through the Patton College.

For more information on the College Student Personnel program and related graduate assistantships, download the College Student Personnel/Graduate Assistantship Packet [PDF]. Please note that the College Student Personnel program and graduate assistant positions have two separate application processes. 

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Questions regarding the graduate assistantship application process as it relates to the College Student Personnel program may be directed to Imants Jaunarajs, assistant vice president, at

Questions pertaining to the master’s degree program in College Student Personnel or the doctoral program in Higher Education may contact the Higher Education and Student Affairs Program Coordinator, Erin Morgenstern, at