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Mission and Values

The Division of Student Affairs believes that centering on the well-being of our students, faculty, staff and community members is essential to realizing our vision.  We believe in our work, in each other, and most importantly in our shared purpose to support the well-being of the OHIO community.

Our Guiding Framework

We developed a visualization of a pillared building to better explain how our mission, vision and the well-being framework intertwine to guide our day-to-day work. 

Visualization of the mission, vision and well-being framework and to explain how they relate to one another

The mission is the foundation, and it is what we do on a daily basis. In our division's role at the University, we care, educate and empower, foster inclusive communities, and make OHIO strong.  

The vision is the cupola, and it reflects our greatest aspirations.  At Ohio University, every Bobcat will discover their potential and make a meaningful impact. 

The well-being framework makes up the structure's four pillars. Each pillar represents an essential aspect of well-being, and they are how we organize and evaluate our work. They guide us to intentionally, collectively and comprehensively make progress toward our vision. These pillars provide us a common agenda and language for connecting our mission to our vision.

The Four Pillars of Bobcat Well-Being


Access to food, housing, safe environments and financial security.


An active process of making positive choices, engaging in meaningful experiences, and connecting with others. Ohio University recognizes four elements of personal well-being:


Recognizing the meaning of what one does and value of how it impacts others.


Believing in oneself and managing adversity by making good choices and effectively utilizing surrounding opportunities.


Building positive relationships and belonging to a greater community through active engagement.


Accomplishing worthwhile goals by engaging in experiences that provide the means to thrive in all areas of life.


Advocate for the well-being of yourself and others and reject prejudice and bias.


OHIO provides opportunities for its community to thrive.

OHIO Values

Ohio University community members take great pride in our institution. We are proud of our distinguished history and heritage, our beautiful campus, the renowned reputation of our faculty, our active and committed student body and of our partnerships with the southeast region of our state. Together with our five core values of character, community, citizenship, civility and commitment, this sense of pride defines who we are and helps to clarify the promise of what it means to be a member of the OHIO community.