Students gather to protest outside Baker University Center
Freedom of Expression

Freedom of Expression

Freedom of expression is the foundation of an Ohio University education. Open debate and deliberation, the critique of beliefs and theories, and uncensored academic inquiry are all essential to our shared mission of discovery and dissemination of knowledge. Differing opinions challenge our openness and ideals, which ultimately can foster growth. At the same time, we want to ensure the safety of all involved in any events of expression at our institution. Safety of all involved is our utmost concern when opposing dialogues confront one another.


History of Free Speech and Activism at OHIO

There is a long legacy of free speech and expression at Ohio University. Read about the iconic “Graffiti Wall,” award-winning independent newspaper, The Post, and numerous other independent endeavors over the course of its over-200-year history.

History of Free Speech and Activism

Freedom of Expression Video Series

Each video is part of the freedom of expression series to help our OHIO community learn more about free speech and expression on campus. 

Many thanks to our students who took the time to help share this valuable information. 

These videos are educational and not intended to be legal advice.