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Patrick Beatty
Associate University Registrar
593.4214 Chubb Hall 160
Debra Benton
University Registrar
593.4260 Chubb Hall 160
       Registrar Services Analyst
593.4193 Chubb Hall 115E
Bob Bulow
Associate Registrar for Technology
Chubb Hall 110A
Tyler Bump
Records Management Specialist
Chubb Hall 115H
Lita Burt (Ohlinger)
        Reporting Analyst
593.4128 Chubb Hall 112
Brenda Cox
Assistant Registrar for Academic Records
593.4192 Chubb Hall 115G
Bob DeLong
Associate Registrar for DARS
593.9898 Chubb Hall 115C
Vicki Rhodes Dornbush
Records Management Senior Specialist
597.2573 Chubb Hall 112B
Brenda Dorst
Records Management Senior Specialist
593.4182 Chubb Hall 115A
David Edwards
        Director of Veterans and Military Student Services   
593.4180 Baker University Center 350
Tina Ervin
Administrative Services Associate
593.9602 Chubb Hall 108
Vicki Fleer
       Records Management Specialist
593.4207 Chubb Hall 115J
Tracy Galway
         Assistant to the University Registrar
593.4213 Chubb Hall 160
Connie Graves
Records Management Specialist
593.4198  Chubb Hall 118
Tasha Hutchison
Records Management Specialist
 593.4185  Chubb Hall 112
Kerry Kottyan
Records Management Specialist
593.4208 Chubb Hall 112
Judy Locke
Records Management Specialist
593.4197 Chubb Hall 118
Brad McGrath
Records Management Specialist
Chubb Hall 118
Karen Perez
Records Management Specialist
593.4202 Chubb Hall 115J
Angie Reinhart
         Records Management Specialist

Chubb Hall 118
 Brooke Roberts
         Academic Records and Athletic Eligibility Coordinator
593.4195 Chubb Hall 116
Janet Russell
         Records Management Specialist
593.4186 Baker University Center 350

Terry St. Peter
        Coordinator of Veterans Services/Academic Advisor

593.0129 Baker University Center 350
Vicki Stewart
        Records Management Specialist
597.1715 Chubb Hall 115I
Michael Whitnable
        Assistant Registrar for Catalog and Scheduling Services
593.9627 Chubb Hall 112C
Mike Wickham
Assistant Registrar for Registration
593.4183 Chubb Hall 115F
Nicole Williamson
Degree Audit System Analyst
Chubb Hall 115D

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