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Research and Scholarly Activity Registration

Medical Student Research and Scholarly Activity Registration

Heritage College Policy 7.11 requires that all medical students register their research projects and scholarly activities with the Office of Research and Grants through the Student Portal in Salesforce prior to beginning the project.  

Students will also use the Student Portal to apply for clinical research rotations.   

Register Projects/Apply for Rotations Here

Instructions to Use Salesforce to Register Research and Scholarly Activities, Upload CITI Training, and Enter Dissemination Records

  • Students must register research and scholarly activity by creating a Research Activity record in the Student Portal for each project. 
  • CITI training completion records should be uploaded to the Student Documents in the Student Portal.
  • Dissemination activities (e.g., publications, presentations, awards) should be uploaded for each research and scholarly activity.

Medical Student Instructions

Research Rotation Information

Elective Research Rotations

Heritage College students can complete research electives during their medical school training.  Typically, students will register for research rotation electives during their fourth year, but students who have an existing project and a commitment from their mentor may be granted permission to participate in research electives during spring semester of their third year. Research electives include a Critical Literature Review (OCOM 8942); Case-Based Study (OCOM 8943); or Original Research (OCOM 8944). Third-year (OMS III) rotations are restricted to OCOM 8944 with permission.

Please review the Third-Year Elective Research Rotation guide before applying for a third year research rotation.

Third-Year Research Rotation Guide

Please use this checklist to assist with filling out the Salesforce application for all Curricular Research Rotations. 

Elective Research Rotation Checklist

OCOM 8942 - Critical Literature Review

Provides the student with an opportunity to develop and enhance their literature review knowledge and skills to a level appropriate for a beginning researcher. Maximum length of rotation is three weeks.

OCOM 8943 - Case-Based Study

Provides the student with an opportunity to write a case report and submit it for publication. Maximum length of rotation is three weeks.

OCOM 8944 - Original Research

Provides the student with a broad overview of research via hands-on experience. Students will apply the concepts of research design, statistics and hypothesis testing, human subject protection, protocol development and dissemination of research findings. Maximum length of rotation is 12 weeks (can be divided across two adjacent academic years).

Students are encouraged to review the research rotation syllabi for full details and should reach out to with any questions.