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40 Things to Know About the Heritage College – Ohio University Medicine

November 16, 2015

A lot can happen in 40 years. Since our founding, our alumni, our faculty and staff, and our students have accomplished so much.

Each achievement is striking in its own right. Together, though, they tell an impressive story about the integral role our college has played – and will continue to play – in improving the health of people throughout our state, our nation and around the world.

In this “40 Things to Know” series, we’ve chosen 40 facts, initiatives, ideas and people that make our college extraordinary. Whether you’re a longtime Heritage College family member or you’re learning about us for the first time, please follow along as we lift up a few of the things that shape who we are today.

We hope you’ll be as proud as we are. Our previous successes provide the foundation that is sure to make the next 40 years even better.