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Monthly Research Seminars

Biological Sciences and Biomedical Sciences Joint Seminar Series



The Research Seminar Program is administered jointly by the Departments of Biological Sciences and Biomedical Sciences. The purpose of the program is to expose the faculty, researchers and students in both departments to current research in all areas of biology. This is accomplished through a combination of presentations by invited speakers of national stature and by faculty at Ohio University. Since the audience comes from a number of biological disciplines, the speaker should provide the necessary background for a diverse audience.

Time and venue

The seminars will be held online on Mondays from 4 to 5 p.m. on weeks 2-14 of fall semester. When a university holiday falls on Monday, the seminar will be omitted. Alternative dates/times may be used for speakers whose schedules do not allow a regular seminar time.

Hosting speakers

Seminar speakers will be hosted by faculty from either department. To reserve a date, contact the seminar coordinator, Tomo Sugiyama, by e-mail at sugiyama@ohio.edu, and you will receive a list of available dates. Once a seminar date has been confirmed, please forward the speaker's title (affiliation), mailing address and a seminar title to the coordinator. For fall 2020, the host will be responsible for selecting the platform of the seminar, making the itinerary of the virtual visit and introducing the speaker to the seminar. The coordinator will make the announcement to all members.


The program will provide a $200 honorarium to outside speakers (for BIOS, it is under review of CAS). Each department will pay expenses for speakers hosted by their faculty. Higher honorarium is permitted but must be approved in advance by the departmental chair. Decisions about expenses is made by department chairs.

Setting up the seminar (please read carefully)

The host faculty (or graduate student) must communicate with the speaker about the following, and notify the coordinator about the speaker's choice about five days before the seminar. Please do it as soon as possible.

  1. Time of the seminar: It is 4-5 p.m. (ET) by default, but we may change the time for the speaker’s convenience.  
  2. Platform (Teams or Zoom): If the seminar uses the Teams meeting platform, the coordinator will set up the meeting and invite the speaker. If Zoom is chosen, the host and speaker are in charge of setting up the meeting and sending the invitation e-mail to the coordinator  at sugiyama@ohio.edu, who will distribute it to all Teams members.
  3. Please clarify whether the seminar can be recorded (it requires the speaker’s permission). If allowed, the seminar may be recorded by the coordinator and kept in the Teams folder, which is only accessible to Ohio University affiliates. Recorded seminars will not be made public without the speaker's permission.  
  4. Other meetings: If the speaker and host are planning to have other meetings, (e.g., meeting with students or other faculty, like ordinally “real” seminar), the coordinator may be able set up Teams meetings. You may plan virtual receptions, lunch with students or something like that, but food or drink will not be provided by the department. How to run these meetings is up to the speaker/host.

Other security issues

  1. Any Ohio University affiliate can attend the seminar. If you know someone who is interested in joining a specific seminar or the entire series, please notify the coordinator.  
  2. The speaker can invite audience members from outside of Ohio University (e.g, lab members, collaborators, etc.). Please notify the coordinator.
  3. If you are not the speaker, you need the speaker’s permission to invite anyone from outside of Ohio University. Please contact the coordinator.

Seminar flyer

A flyer is not essential, since not many people are walking around the hallways now. But beautiful flyers still help advertise meetings. The host is in charge of making the seminar flyer and sending it to the coordinator at least a few days before the seminar.


On the day of the seminar (host and speaker):

  1. For Teams meetings, please make sure the speaker can identify the meeting on the Teams calendar or equivalent.
  2. If you are the host, please log in the Teams meeting for the seminar at least five minutes before the seminar starts and welcome the speaker.
  3. When started, the host will introduce the speaker to the audience.  


BIOS/BMS Joint Seminar Series, Spring 2021






A. Eliot Shearer, MD PhD

Harvard Medical School, Boston Children’s Hospital

“Genetic Diagnosis for Pediatric Hearing Loss: Challenges and Opportunities”

S. Tanda



Currently available





Currently available





Ashvini Chauhan, PhD

Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University


V. Puri



Reserved by BSGS





Sean Hoban, PhD

The Morton Arboretum


D. Alvarado-Serrano



Nizar Ibrahim, PhD

University of Detroit Mercy


B. Colvin



Adam Ford, PhD

University of British Columbia


V. Popescu



Reserved by N. Weyand





Ramiro Toribio, DVM, PhD

Ohio State University

“Comparative Endocrinology of Parathyroid Hormone-Related Protein and Knockout of Nuclear PTHrP”

T. Rosol




Currently available





Reserved by E. Murphy



E. Murphy




Christine R. Beck, PhD

University of Connecticut Health Center & The Jackson Lab


M. Day



Collaborative Diabetes Research

The monthly Diabetes Research Seminar Series was created to share research findings, cultivate collaborative interactions and facilitate diabetes education. Seminar topics cover a wide range of disciplines from basic biomedical research to ongoing clinical studies. Speakers include the Diabetes Institute's own talented faculty members, clinical trainees and students, as well as prominent researchers from beyond the Institute. Seminars are held the third Friday of every month and include a business meeting prior to the start of the seminar featuring core facilities across the Ohio University campus.