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Histology Core Facility

Biomedical Sciences Resources

General Description

The Heritage College Histology Core Facility provides use of the following tissue preparation equipment:

  • Leica ASP300S Tissue Processor
  • HistoCore Tissue Embedder Arcadia C
  • Leica RM2235 Low Profile Microtome
  • Leica RM2135 High Profile Microtome
  • Leica Autostainer XL
  • Cryostat Leica CM1950

The following equipment aids with slide capture: 

  • LMD Leica 6000
  • Motic Slide Scanner

Histology Core Equipment

Tissue Processor Leica ASP300S

The Leica ASP300S is an innovative, smart processor for paraffin infiltration of tissue. The equipment can process a large number of tissue samples simultaneously, including formalin, alcohol, xylene and paraffin. At the end of the process, the samples are ready for paraffin block preparation.   

Tissue Processor Leica ASP300S

HistoCore Tissue Embedder Arcadia C

The HistoCore Arcadia is a programmable tissue​ embedding station. ​Once the infiltrations have been​ completed in the tissue processor,​ the samples are ready for block ​preparation.

Histocore Tissue Embedder

Microtome Leica RM2235

The Leica RM2235 is a low-profile microtome that cuts paraffin-embedded tissues for slide preparation. The thickness of the sections can be 3 to 15 microns. 

Microtome Leica RM2235

Leica Autostainer XL 

The Leica Autostainer XL is a hematoxylin and eosin stainer. ​

Leica Autostainer XL

Cryostat Leica CM1950

This instrument is a high precision microtome, which prepares tissue sections in frozen tissue samples ​usually embedded in OCT.

Cryostat Leica CM1950

LMD Leica 6000

The LMD Leica 6000 conducts laser capture microdissection and is a standard technique for sample isolation from heterogenous samples.​ It is commonly used for genomics, transcriptomics, diagnostics and proteomics applications.​

LMD Leica 6000

Motic Slide Scanner

This slide scanner prepares digital images from slides. The images can be seen on a computer using the associated software. 

Motic Slide Scanner

Details on Using Facility


Heritage College Histology Core Facility Fee Schedule
Process Equipment Required Rate Unit
Embedding Only HistoCore Arcadia H  $   2.00 Per cassette
  HistoCore Arcadia C     
Tissue Processing and Embedding Leica ASP300 $   5.00 Per cassette
  Leica ASP300S    
  HistoCore Arcadia H    
  HistoCore Arcadia C    
Unstained Slide Leica RM2235 $   2.00 Per slide
  Leica RM2135    
H&E Staining Leica Autostainer XL $   5.00 Per slide
  Leica RM2235    
  Leica RM2135    
PAS Staining Leica Autostainer XL $   9.00 Per slide
  Leica RM2235    
  Leica RM2135    
Motic Slide Scans Digital Scanner $   5.00 Up to 6 slides
Cryostat Slides Leica CM1950 Cryostat $ 10.00 Per hour
LMD Slides Leica LMD 6000 $   5.00 Per slide

Services Provided

The faculty and staff of the Histology Core Facility are highly skilled in the following services:

  • Tissue processing
  • Paraffin block preparation
  • Sectioning
  • Hematoxylin & eosin stain
  • Other histochemical staining (i.e., PAS, Trichrome)
  • Cryostat sections training

Histology Core Summary for Grant Proposals

Requesting Lab Services

  • Email Julie Buckley at to schedule services. Please include the following in your email:
    • Brief description of the service you are requesting
    • Upcoming deadlines for your request (if applicable) 
  • After receiving a scheduled time for your requested service, drop off your samples and holders in the Academic and Research Center, Room 240, on the “incoming shelf.” A completed services form (including a billing account number) will need to be placed with the samples. This form is available in the lab. Samples will not be processed without a completed form.
  • You will receive an email when the services are complete.


Academic and Research Center, Room 240

Access and Operating Guidelines

The facility is available to the entire Ohio University research community. All users must complete a request for services form, which will be reviewed by the lab technician. Upon approval, the user will be contacted by the lab technician to schedule one-on-one training using their specimens. All users must complete training with the technician before being authorized to use the equipment. Equipment use is by appointment only.

User Responsibilities

Users must provide samples that are ready for preparation. Each user is also responsible for supplying details of any hazards (e.g., infectious organisms, blood-borne pathogens, toxic chemicals) associated with the preparation in accordance to Ohio University Laboratory & Radiation Safety regulations (740-593-1666). 

Publication and Acknowledgements - Very Important

To accurately reflect the assistance this resource played in your research and to help ensure its continued funding, please include the following statement in all publications: "We acknowledge use of the Ohio University Heritage College Histology Core."

Acknowledgement and Co-authorship Policies

Co-authorship on publications for staff of the Histology Core may be considered appropriate when they have provided one or more of the following:

  • Significant intellectual contribution to the design of the published experiments
  • Substantial practical contribution to the generation, analysis and/or interpretation of experimental data
  • Indispensable technical support that contributed intellectually or scientifically to the advancement of the work

Staff who have made an intellectual or technical contribution not justifying authorship as defined above should be given appropriate acknowledgement in any resulting publications. This provides evidence to demonstrate our involvement in the research of multiple laboratories, which will help us retain dedicated support staff, maintain the equipment and procure new equipment in the future.

Problem Management

Lab Management Senior Specialist
Julie Buckley
740.593.2352 (lab)
740.593.2468 (office)
278A Academic Research Center

Ramiro Malgor, MD
740.593.2324 (office)
202B Academic Research Center