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Brentwood Foundation Community Physician Scholars Program

A Partnership with Ohio University Heritage College of Osteopathic Medicine


Cleveland Clinic and Ohio University Heritage College of Osteopathic Medicine (Heritage College, Cleveland) are proud to introduce the Brentwood Foundation Community Physician Scholars Program. The program represents the strong commitment of both organizations to embrace and encourage diversity among the providers caring for the diverse population of our communities, while also ensuring they are providing care of the highest quality.

The Scholars Program takes a proactive approach to building diversity by giving students who have experienced socioeconomic, educational or other disadvantages a unique opportunity for growth and engagement.

Those selected to participate in the Scholars Program are matched with a Cleveland Clinic physician with whom they will have an opportunity to develop a mentor/scholar relationship. From mentor experiences to community service to professional enrichment, the program ensures that participants will gain exceptional knowledge that can be derived only from experiential learning.

Upon completion of the program, scholars will derive long-term benefits from their established relationships within Cleveland Clinic’s accredited healthcare system and the experiences they gain from participation in this truly innovative venture.

A Heritage College student poses for a photo with a child dressed as a physician