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Search Committee Training and Tools

University Human Resources, the Division of Diversity and Inclusion, the Office for University Accessibility, and the office of Equity and Civil Rights Compliance have partnered to address the university's approach to recruitment, selection, and retention of faculty and staff. Some outcomes of this partnership include the policy and Guidelines for Recruitment and Selection of Faculty and Staff [PDF], OHIO Search Committee Trainings, and a robust accompanying toolkit all of which are designed to promote consistent, compliant searches in line with best practices in diversity, access, and inclusion.

OHIO Search Committee Training

Training requirements are outlined in the Guidelines for Recruitment and Selection of Faculty and Staff [PDF]. Certification for any completed training is good for a period of two years. University Human Resources offers regularly scheduled central sessions of both OHIO Search Committee Training and the Diversity Advocate Workshop. For information about each session, including registration information, please see the session descriptions below.

Preparing for the Search

This training focuses on establishing inclusive search committees, writing inclusive job descriptions, and creating inclusive recruitment plans as well understanding the impact of bias in these early stages of the search process.

  • Required for all hiring managers and all search chairs. Open to all faculty and staff.
  • Format: eLearn, accessible through Blackboard.
  • Estimated duration: 60-90 minutes.
  • Registration: All faculty and staff have 24/7 access to this session via Blackboard. To access Preparing for the Search, login to Blackboard then click "organizations." Next, click "PDP 2.0" then "HR Operations." Then, click "General Elective Learning." Finally, click "OHIO Search Committee Training: Preparing for the Search" and "Start Attempt 1." 

Candidate Evaluation and Selection

This course focuses on creating inclusive, accessible, consistent, and compliant candidate evaluation and selection processes and discusses the impact of bias during the later stages of the search process. 

  • Required for any person serving on the search committee in any capacity.
  • Format: facilitator-led via Microsoft Teams.
  • Estimated duration: 2 hours
  • Registration: Those interested in participating in this course may register online.

Diversity Advocate Workshop

This interactive 90-minute workshop is required for all volunteer Diversity Advocates and provides participants with an opportunity to combine the knowledge gained from OHIO Search Committee Training with evidence-based bystander intervention techniques. The aim of this workshop is to ensure that participants are comfortable intervening in, leading, or supporting conversations surrounding diversity and inclusion throughout search processes.

This course’s learning objectives represent the skills that participants will practice in this workshop and then use to support OHIO’s Search Committee process, and thus it is strongly encouraged that participants have attended OHIO Search Committee Training within the past six months.

  • Required for volunteer Diversity Advocates. Open to all.
  • Format: facilitator-led via Microsoft Teams.
  • Estimated duration: 90 minutes.
  • Registration: Those interested in participating in this course may register online.

Search Committee Toolkit and Recruitment Materials

This toolkit includes dozens of tools including sample timelines, interview questions, evaluation rubrics, interview itineraries, and postings. The toolkit also includes dozens of links to relevant additional information for continued learning as well as access to the University recruiting materials. For more information about the best use of these tools in a search, sign up for our Search Committee Training (registration link above) or contact your HR Liaison.

Access the online OHIO Search Committee Toolkit via SharePoint.

Search Firms

Search firms are traditionally only utilized for executive level positions. However, under special circumstances, units may seek to explore utilization of search firms for particularly unique or hard to fill positions. Please contact your HR Liaison or Nick Wortman, Director of HR Services at for more information and guidance.