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2021 Municipal Tax Refunds FAQs

  1. I began my employment at Ohio University in 2021 and my total days worked do not equal an entire year.  How do I enter the days worked inside and outside the city on my form?
  2. How do I find my Athens City Account number for the refund request form?
    You can leave the account number blank and it will be completed by the Athens City Income tax department.
  3. I have questions about my refund status who do I contact?
    Questions regarding refund requests can be directed to the City of Athens by email at incometax@ci.athens.oh.us or by phone at 740-592-3337.
  4. How will I receive my refund and how long will it take?
    The City of Athens will mail refunds checks directly to the tax payer and refund requests can take up to 90 days to process.
  5. Can the forms be used by those who do not work at Ohio University?
    No, this process was designed specifically for Ohio University and may not be used for other employers.

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