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OHIO Student Involvement

The CDC serves as a practicum site for students in The Patton College of Education as well as programs in other Colleges. This varies each year, but has included: Nutrition, Interior Architecture, Physical Therapy, Recreation, and Sport Pedagogy, Psychology, Counseling, Speech-Language Science, and Child and Family Studies. The student involvement ranges from a one-time observation to ongoing participation in the classroom environment. Most specifically, the Center serves as a site for the clinical model of education in the Patton College of Education for both Professional Interns and Teacher Candidates in Early Childhood.

We are always open to collaborative ideas. Please contact Lisa Frasure, director, (, or Kristin Mazzeo Barron, assistant director ( if you have a proposal for a collaboration.

Requirements for placements in the CDC

Ohio University Child Development Center is licensed by the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services. They require all personnel within our facility to have the following on file: 

  • Background Checks (fingerprints)

    • FBI and BCI checks must have the code 5104.013 and be sent directly to ODJFS and copied to: “Patton College of Education Student Affairs, Patton Hall 103, Attn: Marcy O’Brien Athens, OH 45701”
    • Background Checks can be completed at Bobcat Depot or your local law enforcement agency. The costs vary and are your responsibility. You will be asked for your driver’s license as proof of identity to complete the background checks.
  • OCCRRA Registry Requirements

    • Create a Professional Profile on the OCCRRA Registry (
    • Under Employment Tab add OU CDC as your employer. To do this click on the Employment tab - Add Employment – Choose ODJFS Licensed Center - Choose Nonprofit University – License # 406568 - Employer Name is Ohio University Child Development Center - Hire Date is the date of orientation or the actual date you start – Add role of Assistant Teacher or Teacher Aide – Select Mixed Age Group – then save. 
    • Then Click on the drop-down by your name and select “Request Background Check”, Then start the request by entering data - Add 5 years of residency history. This takes the place of the JFS Form 01175.
  • ODJFS Medical Statement: Date of the exam within the last six months (from Hudson Healthcare, your physician, or another medical professional)
  • Copy of your high school diploma or transcript with the date of graduation

    • TB test (can be completed at Hudson Healthcare or any Health Department in Ohio)
    • Complete two pieces of training listed below before orientation night. After completion, please take a screenshot or photo of the final screen. Please include with your screenshot/photo the date and your name. Bring Copies of training to Orientation. These pieces of training are on the OCCRRA Website and you will register for them, and then they will appear on your main page to view.
  • ODJFS Orientation (approximately 2 hours to complete)

  • Child Abuse Training (approximately 30 minutes to complete)

*Professional Interns: If your file is complete from your lab experience and you have been continuously enrolled at OU, check with Allison Ervin at the CDC front desk to confirm that your file is still complete. 

Dress Code

No hats, short shorts/running shorts, ripped jeans, sweatpants, or exposed cleavage/showing of any undergarments. Tank tops must have 1” straps. Yoga pants/leggings must be worn with long shirts that cover your front and rear.

CDC Policies

Please silence and store your cell phones while working with children. No gum, no candy, no smoking, no foul language, and no posting photos of CDC children on any social media.