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CDC Frequently Asked Questions

The Child Development Center has written policies to aid in streamlining the waitlist, enrollment, and payment processes. Please review the questions below on these topics. If you have further questions, they can be directed to Kristin Barron.

How long is the waiting list?

The OU CDC has a lengthy waiting list. There are generally more than 50 on each waiting list: Infants, Toddlers and Preschool.


Do I need to keep the information on the waiting list up-to-date?

To keep the waiting list up-to-date, we ask that you call and update information (DOB, Name, Address, Phone Numbers, Emails, etc) when they change. When a space is available for you, every attempt will be made to contact you, but if we are unable after three attempts to contact you because of incorrect contact information, your child’s name will be removed from the list.

How long will it take for my child to get in?

We are unable to give families a definite timeline for enrollment at the CDC. The date of application, as well as the age of the child, are factors. Preference is given to siblings of children already enrolled. Then we use the waiting list to contact families with age-eligible children.

When do you enroll children?

Every August, we enroll about 20-30 new children.

Generally, enrollment for the following school year begins in April/May. Calls are made and emails are sent to offer available spaces. In July, parents are required to attend a parent orientation before beginning at the CDC. In early August, parents submit enrollment paperwork, meet with teachers and visit the classroom with their child. New enrollees begin the first day of Fall semester each year.

When offered a space at the CDC, families have 7 days to decide. This would include time for a tour of the facility and any questions to be answered. If after 7 days there is no response the space would be offered to the next child on the list and your child’s name would be removed from the list.

What happens if I want to wait until preschool to enroll?

If you decline an opening, you will be asked to identify which school year you would like to be considered for enrollment. We will not call again until enrolling for that school year. If you decline an opening twice, the date of application will be changed to the date you decline the 2nd offer.

How much does it cost?

The Child Development Center operates on a sliding fee scale. Both the sliding fee scale and income verification are updated every two years, on even years, therefore, please inquire with the Center for the most up to date fee scale.

When and where do I pay tuition? Who do I make the check out to?

Fee Payments must be made by the first of each month. Checks should be made payable to Ohio University Child Development Center or OU CDC. Tuition should be placed in the box outside the director’s office (Room 108).

Do you take credit cards?

We do not, the fees that the credit card charges is too pricey. Automatic checks can be set up to send from your bank.

Do I have to pay if my child is sick or we go on vacation?

Parents are required to pay the full payment each month even if they go on vacation, their child is sick or the Center closes due to weather or other unforeseen circumstances. Tuition is calculated annually and divided into 12 equal monthly payments. For families of incoming and outgoing children, the month of August is prorated. Incoming and outgoing families share the cost of the week of closure.

What if I am on a year-long sabbatical from August to August?

If parents are on a year-long sabbatical from August to August and wish to re-enroll their child upon return, they will be placed on the waiting list and have preference. Shorter sabbaticals would require a withdrawal and new application.

How do I withdraw my child?

Parents wishing to withdraw their child(ren) may do so at any time. A 30 day written notice is requested to allow enough time to fill the vacant spot. If sufficient notice is not given, there will be a charge for the additional month.