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Philosophy Department

Philosophy Department

Students probe timeless questions and put their curiosity to work exploring yesterday, today and tomorrow.

Undergraduate DegreesGraduate Degree

Matthew Jordan, portrait

Engage in Civil Debate

"Tough-minded but civil discussion of contentious issues remains a fixture of my day-to-day life," says Matthew Jordan.

Eric Smaw, portrait

Pursue a Life of Letters

"A philosopher must have a keen eye for the suspicious premise, the questionable inference," says Eric Smaw '98M.A.

Dr. Alyssa Bernstein, portrait

Study with Active Researchers

Work with faculty pursuing scholarship on pressing and perennial issues.

Philosophy book covers, from Aristotle to Virgil

Faculty Research Areas

Ranging from aesthetics to ethics to the philosophy of mind and science.

Statue of Greek philosopher in marble

Put Your Mind to Work

Philosophers are trained to think, speak, and write clearly, critically, and independently.

Dr. Rachana Kamtekar, portrait

Interact with Leading Philosophers

Meet and interact with leading philosophers who come to campus for lectures and the Philosophy Forum.